Proposal: Zero rotation relative to parent axis switch for mouse actuator?


if I use mouse actuator
suspend mouse actuator,
use alignAxisToVect()
engage mouse actuator,

it is unpredictable,

might we have a ‘home orientation’ relative to the parent,
the mouse actuator returns to when it is engaged?

‘ie centering out’

I do this with wrectified mouse systems,

Rot = object.parent.worldOrientation.to_euler()
Rot.y += own[‘x’]
Rot.z += own[‘y’]
ok, so now I know I use alignAxisToVect but not sure about how I do it…(on my phone atm)

This way the mouse smoothly rotates to where it should be,

This will make the mouse actuator usable in some cases where it currently is not
(I can just use wrectified mouse control but others don’t really understand/use it)

You can zero the mouse position using python can’t you? So just zeroing it before re engaging the mouse actuator would seem to be the best way.

I’m not sure though as I haven’t used it much.

I tried that with with logic

Mouse Movement------------
if property =True----------------and--------mouse
property is changed invert/

if property is changed-------zero rotation

but it ‘snaps’ instantly back to center,

I suppose I could use

if property = 0------------and------------mouse
mouse movement----/

if property!=0 ----------Center mouse over time and reduce property

and just have releasing back to mouse control set the property to 15 or so

so it rotates the screen back to center over 15 frames?

this is fine for me,

but I am talking for folks using bricks.

this way triggering the mouse actuator would blend in to center position on intializing over x frames?