(Modron) #1

This is my idea: A mesh repository from which WC contestants can draw, and remain in the pure category. This would contain a set of basic objects, in both blender and cycles format, usable by any WC contestant ( or anyone else ). Some suggestions, common things that are time consuming to make:

A house
A set of rigged humans
A building façade

Just a few basic things. Keep it simple / minimal. Any thoughts?

I have an untextured house exterior that I would texture and submit for approval. Some one else might have to do the cycles materials though. I mostly use BI.

(system) #2

OK, well I’m feeling a little like a fish on a hook here, but I guess I’ve broken my promise once already so a second time won’t hurt :slight_smile:

I don’t see a problem with your idea but do people really care that their entry still remains in the pure category? I know I personally wouldn’t care. Really we are all free to use anything that we have ever created and just submit it as an Open entry.

Having a repository of base meshes might still be helpful to newer users but then again I personally wouldn’t care if they went to Blendswap or somewhere else like that to get them.

I personally like to start with a blank scene but I’m sure at some point I’ll get sick of modeling hands and feet etc from scratch at which point I’ll just submit my entries as Open and I really won’t care in the slightest. The real challenge for me is trying to convey some kind of story using just a single image and of course getting it finished before the deadline.

While the story/messages my images have conveyed to date have perhaps been questionable they have at least been more then just rendered polygons which I consider a small success.

The irony of me being the one telling you that the competition doesn’t need to be changed isn’t lost on me. :wink:

Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, a kit-bashing competition would probably be very popular, especially among the newer users, and also users that have a very limited amount of time to spend on it. It does really seem like your idea is more or less heading in that direction, so maybe a new type competition is really what is needed here.

I vote for Modron to organize and run the new BlenderArtist Kitbashing Competition. :slight_smile:

(Helge) #3

Nice house! Certainly more advanced than the one from my last entry … :wink:
I use the WC to restart 3d as a hobby, get into blender, look into functionalities I otherwise wouldn’t use and see what I can get done in an evening/night. So, personally, I like to start everything from scratch. However, I do see how this can be tedious from time to time. So, a collection of premade models and/or materials would certainly be useful. I probably wouldn’t use it - but it would be fun to contribute a few models.

Like 3dbi I don’t think that an entry which makes extensive use of premade models (whatever the source) should stay in the pure category. It’s fun to see what can be achieved in the limited time the Weekend Challenge offers. After all, we have the open category which works great for things like this. :slight_smile:

(Modron) #4

what if some one made an add-on with a set of ‘primitives’ such as “rigged human” and “house”…har har

(Helge) #5

The rules have always been a little vague on that matter. :wink:

(rarebit) #6


If, this were to happen, then I propose that there should be an extra voting category, say “Library” so that there is a clear distinction between those that start from new in the spirit of the Challenge, those that (due to whatever reason, usually time, function, etc) pull in from elsewhere a small part of their image, and those whose entry is largely not their own or not produced within the allotted time frame, even though I personally think that they could just enter in the non-competing section already provided.

I’ve been having a play with MakeHuman over the last week. I now have a vast array of characters, a library of clothes, objects and materials, oh and mocap animations. Would it be fair for me to use these against those who have started from new? In my opinion this would not be a fair and level playing field, but then again I am nobody.

Oh, been watching Babylon5 recently, its great, mainly because it also shows a history of computer graphics, from low res ships with basic bump mapping right through to massive, well rendered and complex composited scenes. Great to look back at the progression of this great endeavour in art and maths, taken a lot of time and lot of hard work.

(Modron) #7

a main difference between my idea and the open category is that people would be able to instantly recognize what aspects of the composition were produced at the time and which were appended. As I mentioned, the model set would be fairly minimal.

(rarebit) #8

Just theorising here, but would one not be able to rip your model to bits and use as parts, also your demonstration model could be knocked together in 5 mins using the ArchiMesh addon (or what it is called, its not on this laptop!?), what I’m asking is, would it be instantly recognisable?
(Also you could add the tiled roof :wink: from same addon)

(rarebit) #9

Thing is, people can already do all this, in the end it comes down to the declaration.

I thought a few weeks back that I may write a neural net and FSM AI to produce art works for entry and see how that would fair, it would have no stored meshes but would have the memory / knowledge of how to construct meshes, even characters, and technically it would all be within the rules.

(system) #10

Oh hell! Good catch rarebit :slight_smile: sorry about that, I have corrected it.

But I’m sure everyone will agree, it was just a momentary slip. :wink:

Seriously though, I think I do it unconsciously (at least when I’m writing) because I believe we are all fundamentally the same in the end. But obviously we all have different opinions, and you are right, I shouldn’t just assume when I’m writing that the reader will agree with me.

While I’m not trying to get the sympathy vote here, being dyslexic I have avoided writing a lot in my life so it’s probably not the best medium for me to be conversing with others in. I should probably just keep my writing to a minimum in future and let my artwork do the talking, but then again my artwork probably paints an even bleaker picture of me :frowning: so there maybe no hope for me.

Anyway, at the moment I really just want to know why you said:

YOU ARE NOT NOBODY! I feel I want to share with you a test render I did for the Adorable theme that I was unable to complete, due mainly to my damn work commitments.

I was going to have them sitting on a yellow cushion on a brown wooden floor. I was also hoping to make the baby monkey head my avatar to make the message clearer.

Oh well, life is full of failed attempts…at least mine is, I can’t speak for others. :wink: See I’m learning. :slight_smile:

All the best, (Yes, I’m suppressing my love for you. :))


Oh hell! I just got why you said that. I’m just so slow! Well it’s good you don’t really think that and I’m still glad I posted my message :).

(rarebit) #11

Ignoring copious amounts of dust, do you really believe everybody is the same, or just that everyone has the same rights, liberties, chances, etc and above all, the freedom to choose (crime* excluded).

Then again I’m the type of person who likes dunking my chips in custard, whereas most can’t get past their gag reflex. Oh hairs in the palm of my hand too.

(system) #12

Yes, that is what I meant and thank you for ignoring the dust. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s time for a spring clean.

You know rarebit as much as I believe you probably don’t think so I think we both share very similar views on a lot of things and also have very similar personalities. I think I just probably try a little harder to suppress that darker side of me and maybe I over compensate by doing so. But my desire to not see others being belittled was sincere at the time. I also do genuinely care about other people, even people I haven’t met, and I try my best to see past what they are saying to try and understand what they are feeling. The two are often completely the opposite. I’ve chosen now to try my best to kill people with kindness because there is nothing better then seeing someone finally stop squirming and give in.

(rarebit) #13

Oh I know how similar we are, but don’t give people ideas or they’ll start thinking you are me and I’m you or vise versa. I’m not trying to belittle you if that’s the way you feel, I just get offended when people tell me what I think without asking, maybe that’s dyslexia maybe its something else, or maybe its just from sing our national anthem too much (and yes I say dog instead!) So, whether its you or a European Union battleship bullying British waters a few days after Article 50, I’ll stand up and be counted rather than squirm uncomfortably because a stranger is trying to tickle me with what they tell me is kindness!

(rarebit) #14

3dbi, I told you those FSB were following me, they got me n you on tape last night!

(WARNING: Strong language)

(system) #15

Fair enough. But you’ll never get me to stop tickling you.

Well seeing as I was born in Australia I’m not technically British although I have lived here for most of my life. I don’t tend to sing any national anthems and really I consider myself more of a Soul Hunterthen anything else.

What the hell! I really should quit smoking. Well at least we got 51 likes and no dislikes so that’s not bad.

All the best,

(rarebit) #16

More voting, more winners, bigger prizes and gifts for all!

  • New sticky thread with maintained(?) gifts (models, materials, textures, etc) **
  • New monthly *super vote for favourite of the month which displays on feature row
  • Feature in the Blender Weekend Challenge Calendar (HTML5 gallery thong)
  • Super vote: Do all the months entries get pooled, or just the winners? (All in my opinion)
    ** Hello blendswap / other, do you want to host? Hire some critics and have an almost deciding vote on a winner to whom you award a prize. Now all I need is a secretary in a nice pencil line skirt, hmmmm, 3dbi darling, write us a letter please!

Two sticky threads in gallery,
1) Monthly Bangin Blends
2) Weekend Challenge Bangin Blends

*** BTW, this isn’t discussed with anybody, just a rough idea

(system) #17

I’ll get right on that sir.