Proposing New Sculpting Tool/Mode

I think it would be nice if (in sculpt mode) you could define whether the object is clay or stone. Keep the same tools, but in ‘stone mode’ you have a new(only?) tool called ‘chip’; where the cursor chips away at the faces…

It would be a nice little feature. :smiley:


You mean like making chips or cutting corners?

This could require more changes then just pushing multires faces, you’d have to do some boolean operation too. This may be more possible when Nicholas Bishop completes the editable multires GSoC project.

he means Chisel I think, not chip. Which would be awesome. But then you’d need a special smooth or round mode unlike the preexisting smooth. maybe a sandpaper mode =)

such a mode would be delicious though unnecessary

This kind of tool would be more suited to a voxel sculpting approach.

I don’t think boolean operations would be necessary. In fact, you can probably accomplish a fairly good ‘chisel effect’ with the current tools. Play around with the brush mode and the brush itself. Try making a very hard brush with max pressure, and set the mode to flatten.