Props, and scene for my first animation movie

Hi guys,
I think I am ready to be bent over the BA knee and get spanked for my atampts at 3d modeling and lighting.
Here are images of the main prop and town in witch the story takes place.

Please let me know what you think, cause I want to improve my skills,
and I need feed back to make that happen,
pointers ideas and comments please.


Is that some kind of disjointed row houses? :^) I think it would be better if they were connected. It would be nice with a bit more colour on the sky. It looks like a clear day, but it’s still grey. Maybe it’s smog.
The lawns have a pretty unnatural green colour, and too few strands. It would be nice with some hedges or fences too, and maybe flower beds.

A quick photoshop edit makes it a warmer and friendlier place, in my eyes at least:

The grass, needs to be fixed.
I know your annimating this and still looking for answers, especially with render layer Nodes ect. but your answere is out that somewhere. Render layers etc. the method you want to use i feel is the right way to go. More time consuming upfront but will save in the long run obviously in render times.
I just don’t know how you would go about all this yet.
Good Luk.

The grass is a sore spot for me, I tryed a few tutorials on the subject but I havent gotten the hang of it yet, it seems like no matter how many paticals I use, if the camera is over the grass you can see right through it, so I have “mesh” turned on so you dont see the default blue background.
as for he backgroud, I just used a city panorama and faded it back a little, I didnt know how else to get the feeling of grandios-ness? is that a good word for it.

Nice job with the color corection by the way, I do need to get the lighting better for when the camera starts moving.
I am learning by trial and error, like the rest of us I guess, so we will see how the final animation looks, I dont expect it to be hollywood quality, I just want to get my first one behind me, cause I got the next one all planed out.

The grass texture has to go. at that distance from the camera, don’t be afraid to use ‘flat’ textures (no particles). You’ve used photo textures here and there, mixing the two gives a very strange effect. The bricks on the houses look a little strange as well.
The city looks too washed out and again, the photos look strange against the cartoon colors of the town. If you are using a ‘city’ then you could always take it into p/shop - Gimp and alter the colors so it looks more contrasty or cartoony. It also might help to have some really plain buldings along the other side of that back fence. Like the backs of a shopping complex or industrial park. Just so that it dosen’t look like the backdrop starts a few streets away.

The metallic texture on the machine looks wonderfull. Good design too. Really nice. the reds, greens and blues are maybe too bright in comparison.

Hey thank you for putting out your scene - I’m working on a set + props myself & by putting your workings up - you are also helping me. Did you do everything yourself ? I’m getting help from all people I can get, so it’s just that much easier.

I when to this site
and downloaded the houses and the street lights, and lamp posts
and the side walk, trashcan and bench.
I did the road textureing myself and The car is my model, I did the trees and landscape
pretty much every thing else is my “vision” I did ask for help on desiging the gun,
I got a little bit of flack for asking for free art, but a few folks gave me some ideas.
Thanks for asking

On the subject of free art - we could with a car ourselves - only problem is that we’d like a car that is trashed up somewhat. Any chance of using your mesh only ? We’ll put on our textures on the mesh and give you due credit (& apologies for this, but give the car a bit of dermolition treatment). Thank you in advance.

I will email it over to you,
I just realized that you were the one to reply to my call for help with the design of the magnet gun, thanks for your help on that

What I want to see next is … “what do you have in mind to do with this?”

You can “tweak” something so much and so hard, visually speaking, that you never get around to “tell me a story.” The establishing-shot that you’ve got right now does serve its essential purpose: it gives me a sense of a plausible “world,” and it tells me that this is a not-quite-real world, somewhat of a “cartoony” world, and … you can do just fine with that. My expectations are set now, so, “tell me a story in that world.” I’ve got my popcorn ready, my disbelief is properly suspended, and I’m looking forward to, let us say, the animatics of this new movie.

Well, I have my first 750 frames at my buddys plase being rendered right now,
as it is now the cammera starts a little more, well alot more to the left, as you view it, and it slowly pans around to the right all the while focousing on the car, and then it comes to rest under the tree to the far right of the image, right behind the bench and trash can, and about the time the camea stops, the kid walks past the scene, sees a kid across the street and crosses the street, the camera sees this and follows the boy and comes to rest over the boys shoulder as he looks down on the other boy in the yard working on a bike,

that is the scene as it is now. and is being rendered as we speak
Thanks for asking by the way
see this thread for the main character,

I have an update here,
I finally added my second character and the bike to the scene, as well as aa almost halfway decent lighting job:eyebrowlift:, with a decent render time of 3 minutes per frame,
thanks for all the advice,:eek: after reading the post I realize I forgot to work on the city image:, I will do that before I do the final animation rendering
This time I didnt use Ray trace


the foreground looks cartoony/ stylised but the photograph is realistic, the two styles don’t blend very well. It would look better if you model afew skyscrapers in the same style as the foreground and position them in the distance. this is easy to do with the duplivert feature

Yes, hessiess, I noted it my last post that I forgot to work on the background and that I would do so before long,
I think you meant the dupligroup feature I used this feature on the lamp posts and houses already, so it should be no problem to do it again

Well folks, here is my first scene from my movie,
I spent a full 8 hours downloading and syncing sound files to the foot steps, and a whistle for the close up of the car as well asa birds, and city noise in the background only to find out it wont render with sound!!!
I tried the FMPEG setting as a render type and it still didnt have sound.

well, the video quality sucks as usual with you tube, but here it is for your enjoyment.


walk cycle is very stiff and there is allot of foot slide

Thanks Hessiess, I to think it is a very good first walk cycle,
next time I will implement one of blenders new walk modifiers, or a curve for the guy to follow, but in this case I didnt take the time to learn how to set up a stride bone, I did look into it, but it was more then I cared to learn at the time, becaues that is the only walking that will happen in this film.

I would love to see your take on a walk cycle hessiess!!! do you have anything to show?
have you ever done one?

i have made quite allot of walk cycles, this is my best one currantly
it is a game character and i couldn’t be bothered to rig the hands at the time. the hands not moving cinda spoils the whole thing.

though it takes longer you can acheve a more realistic forward motion by manually moving the character forwards. this also enables the character to climb starirs, eg the step at the edge of the road

This is the method I tried, but I got the foot sliding affect!!!
How do I get away with out having the slide affect, I know that question has been asked a million times, but the answer is usually a stride bone and path right?

Thanks for the help, I will revisit the walk cycle and incorperate more movement like hands, and hips, shoulders, I was hoping to have something to show family over the holidays, but I wasn’t able to pull it off, even with the corners I cut, so now I dont have a time limit, I can revisit a few different areas.

it is hard to explain without knowing exactily how your rig is set up. insted of creating a walkcycle and moving the whole armature forwerds.

make a walkcycle and grab the keys in the action editor, move them all forwerds to the frame you want the walk to start. asuming your cycle is 20 frames long move forwerds 10 frames move the palvice forwerds, key it. go back to the start frame and copy the pose of the statinary foot and paste it over the key 10 frames forwerd delite any intermidiate keys for this bone that foot will now stay perfectily still, corect the positions of the outher bones, continue like this untill the cycle is completed.

hope you can understand;)

if you dont already have it i higly recomend that you read “introducing character animation with blender” it explains what i have tryed to explain in a easier to understand manor:)

you should consider storyboarding the animation, it will help you quickly work out the problems