Props help

ok, before you curse me out about using search i tried and i could find the tab for typing in my search question “yeah i’m an idiot” anyway… i’m having problems with my props…learning the game engine…so i did a cube…and a uvshere as the actor, but as soon as i add dynamic to my actor it falls through the cube when i press p…then i bound the cube with polyheder but after five second of constantly pushing on the cube with the spere the ball pops out, and goes bye bye…what’s my proble…i remember the old blender use to have a but “prop” you press like “actor”…help

“Prop” is short for “Property.”

It sounds like the sphere is inside the cube, this may be a bad idea. Put the sphere on a plane instead, then add planes for the walls and ceiling. This ought to solve the problem that it sounds like you’re having. (remember to add bounds to the planes and sphere)


No rebiulding something like that would be the same cube only made in a different way.

And you don’t need a bound for the cube if it’s not an actor just go into the UV mode and make sure the collision button is on, plus make sure the normals face in the right direction.