Propsal: Add facesInRadius to mathutils bvhtree

Proposal: Add command ‘facesInRadius’ to mathutils.bvhtree

use cases:

  1. Selecting faces to operate on using python,

  2. Getting vertices from faces and then check against radius - get vertices in radius of hitpoint fast without iterating the whole model in python, and without building a bvhtree and kdtree.

  3. Unintended uses that any user can think of.

final goal: expose more functionality to python to allow for custom tool scripting

code structure ideas -> use BVHTree math used in game engines to detect a spheres intersection with a triangle mesh.


Useful functionality to have, something we already supported for KD-Trees:

Committed BVHTree.find_nearest_range(), 0, see API doc 1 and
example script 2.


Thank you!