Prorgessbar while reading stl files

Hi there!

My Name is Daniel, I’m looking for support for a specific problem in my diploma thesis. I’m a mechanical engineering student from Graz, Austria.

I’m working on an add-on for blender which is reading stl files and creating objects from them.
For this procedure I would like to create a progress bar showing how many parts are read already. It is not necessary to redraw the display during the procedure and show the imported objects, I only want to see the progress bar.

Justas already created a very good solution [here],(, and this is exactly what I’m looking for, but through my minor understanding on threads and how windows manager in blender works, it is necessary to hire additional help.

What I deliver:

  • my code which represents an importhelper in blender

  • all necessary files for testing and reading

What I expect:

  • someone delivering a solition based on above mentioned work, within a short time (next 3 weeks).

Budget: I’m willing to pay 40-50€ per hour, and since the solution from Justas is already given, I expect that you can solve it in less then 2 hours. I’m willing to offer you all informations before you start if you have Interest, I can send a link containing code and files for testing.

Hello @Dannancs,
Hope you are doing well!!
I’d Glad to assist you.
PM Sent with details, please check.
Thanks and Regards
Carter W