Pros and cons of different ways to get selected objects?

I am a novice when it comes to coding. I’ve been reading a lot of the help threads on this forum and on stack exchange and the Blender discord and from the various answers I’ve seen at least 3 different ways to get a list of the currently selected objects. I was wondering why one would want to check view_layer.objects or context.scene.objects when context.selected_objects exists and seems like it would be the most performant (least amount of iterating over the scene).

foo = context.selected_objects
bar = []
for o in bpy.context.view_layer.objects.selected: 
baz = [o for o in context.scene.objects if o.select_get()]

I’m not sure what method is the fastest, the difference in speed is negligible
you can benchmark them yourself

But output of these methods can be different

If you select some object, enter local mode (/ on numpad) and select more objects in outliner or with python
Then running context.selected_objects in operator in 3D Viewport will not return all selected objects, but only those selected objects which are in 3D Viewport local mode

[o for o in context.scene.objects if o.select_get()]
return all selected objects, even those not in local mode

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