prosthetic hands 3d printing what are the costs ?


Recently I met a new girlfriend, she has a son who is missing his fingers on one hand.
I know there are stl files files for it, and blend files, and well printing can be done everywhere or i find a friend with a 3d printer. But I’m wondering, what are the costs of it… ?

(i’m on a tight budget, at the moment i got no job).

If you can tell me the cost, or have some advice related to this please contact me.

BTW i could also maybe improve on hand modelling if your a developer of such hands, i’m handy with blender.
Maybe to sculpt them and smooth them out more fluently (might be handy for cleaning then).

ask the child’s doctor. most prosthetic have to be custom made and fitted to prevent damaging or causing pain in the body part they are mounted to. contact these people they can probably give you better advice than random people from the web.

i think the opensource prothesis are quite succes, but in the end this is not my decision to make (its the son).
i just wonder the cost of it.

If it’s an aesthetic solution and for poking, few bucks and some handwork, could also get artistic :wink:

Also check shapeways for cost calculation and have a read of a nice story. you will need to upload a file and select a material. i have no idea about the best material, that’s why i recommended asking the limbs for life people, they probably have experience with it or know people who do.

I would guess you could laserprint a finger for less than 10$ at shapeways.

yep material is more important than price. you might need some padding between the prosthesis and the connecting skin. Its is also important that the material is non toxic and is suited for long term skin contact. Depending on the person skin might get rashes because of this. Good luck.

i think your nailed it there, i’ve seen an example now of a rubbery hand, that was able to hold a glass.

But also a great story there about that artistic leg, i think thats awesome to make something beautiful like that.
As an artist if you can make someone happy with your art its great, but compared to paintings etc, this is another level of making people happy. Well i let it over to the boy now, if he wants something in this direction i will help him with my blender experience (getting correct size), and optimize the model a bit. So it be shaped alike his other hand.