Protect procedurals and crappy images

This is for all the crappy image makers

The crappy image makers that love procedurals will take you over and you will be our slaves making our crappy images look nice

And now lets crap up good images and make them like we want them

Suck them of their perfect little lighting skills and texturing skills and make them ours so we can make GOOD images


I burn you all for insulting my images and trying to teach me about trivial little things reserved for the new people. Burn you all, Bomb england, bomb france, bomb every place with a blender user making perfect images.

Nice. How very mature of you.

What the hell Kansas_15? Maybe the reason people are calling your images crap, is because your a ignorant spammer who just keeps spamming even after everyone says not to.
I wouldn’t say your images are crap, simply because you’re still learning. But that dosn’t mean that you don’t need to work on your images.

And please, don’t double post. And ESPECIALY don’t quadruple post!

quintuple, n00b.

Kansas, get over it… seriously. I get the impression you’re 9 years old. I’m only 14 by the way. Anyways- grow up, and deal with it. If you can’t take constructive criticism, I see you working in mcdonalds for a long, loooooong time…

Please go to to voice your opinion on Kansas_15

Actually I posted 5 times in a row.

I shall reek vengence on all places where there’s a blender user who calls one’s images crappy, even if he lives in Kansas

stfu noob. I didn’t like you much before. Now I hate you.

ps. Your images are crappy.

Umm… procedurals arent a bad thing… its how you use them…

Actually its good to combine procedurals and image textures.

Now… while procedurals are good when used right… SO IS POSTING…

for example, when you post ignorantly and wrongly and overall just spamming and making outrageous and stupid claims that is like making a crappy image, in fact thats to say your making a crappy image for yourself in this forum. STOP.


So… maybe you should not only learn to better yourself in using procedural textures, but better your self in your posting skills as well.

Nuff said.

what the shit is wrong with you kansas? if you really care that much about what other people think about you and your crappy images…you really need counciling. calm the hell down and quit hijacking other peoples threads just because you’re mad at them for making good images. heres an idea…how about try working on your blender skills rather than getting pissed off and spend all day trying to “overload the bandwidth” which will never work, by the way.

Oops, so I can’t count.

Gentlebeings, do you realize how many thousands of people around the world are listening? Imagine that you are standing on the podium in the middle of a football stadium … every seat is full … the spotlight is on the microphone …

The Internet is like that. “Freedom of speech, but make it count.”

Kansas, I’ve been watching your posts lately and I must say that I certainly hope your account has been hacked. But if not, you have to realize sometime that you must be respectful to be respected. It’s as simple as that. And if your current trend continues, I have little doubt that you will be banned. I really don’t want to see that… unless of course you don’t want to change.

but now he got…

Well… too bad of all that hard work spamming his way to 1800 + posts… I think he’s banned now… isn’;t he ?


why would I type it if he weren’t ?

You know what, Kansas? I didn’t hate you. I thought you needed to practice, and I was prepared to give you the second chance. We all started out making lousy images, and then we all got better. I’ve been watching happily as your image quality improved. I was prepared to ignore what other posters said about you and give you the chance to break into the elYsiun community. Then I found this thread. You should be ashamed. This is such an immature way to handle your anger. You could have stayed with us and over time become a blender expert. Now you may be banned.
I’m disappointed, Kansas. I had hopes that you could pull through.