Protect web embeded blender files from import and modify

hi everyone,
i’m an architect and i strarted using blender in building designs in order to give my clients a 3D walktrough of the space.
i embeded blender files in my web page and i see that the blender file of the project goes to the cache of the visitor (this file is ready to be imported or modified by the visitor…).

how can i protect from import my designs and give my clients the 3D walktrhough at the same time? i hope you can answer my question.

thanks to all.

With a contract.

On your page and in your file, include a copyright notice. Before serving the file to the customer, present a page notifying them that the materials are proprietary under the blanket contract you should have already executed with them.

It’s illegal to misappropriate proprietary, trade-secret or copyrighted material. Period.

What you don’t want to do is to become so concerned about “protecting your goods” that you seriously inconvenience your customer! “To a hammer, everything is a nail.” Likewise, you can get yourself into the situation where everyone looks like a thief.

I totally agree with sundialsvc4.

The other thing you might want to think about is having a demo walkthrough that you produced. Show potential customers that and keep specific customer links hidden if you don’t want everyone to have access to them. Send them a link via email.

thanks for the advice, i’ll try to manage the designs with aplications, links and database and choose a demo for the webpage.

ok, thanks for your advice, but i don’t want to take the property of my goods too seriously. i only try to see another way to show my designs to the costumers. i think the idea of the demo and the links will work for me.

You could also send your clients a runtime version of their specific project, or put a runtime version on the web to download.

In the File menu, select “Save Runtime” and output your exe file.

(In the current version, I believe you need to include 2 dll files, SDL.dll and Python.dll(Windows) that you will find in your Blender directory, so you might want to wrap it all in a zip file or an installer of some sort)

thats a great idea!!!
i got web space in streamload and i can locate large files like the blender executables. with a link directly from streamload i can send the zip designs to my clients and the files are closed from import or modify.

thanks dude!!!