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Read 10 about Fluoride and 11 about Cancer.
Knowledge protects.

Recently (some months ago) a experiment done by two teenage girls in Sweden I think created a wave on scientific lands: They put vegetables to grow in several locations. One was near a cell-phone tower and the vegetables there didn’t grow. I don’t have the link but
is just common sense: cell phone are very strong magnetic fields and how the hell you dare to put them near your head constantly? What you think is going to happen?

I don’t have cell phone and I am repeating why from more than 10 years: they are cancer devices.

Same with fluoride: that damages your teeth.
But I will not tell here what I use instead for my teeths. Time to search if you are interested!

Just one example of processed food:

I’ve heard of carmine before. I actually watched a show of them making it. Their example is kind of weird, do vegetarians eat yogurt anyway?

Best one is castoreum which basically comes out of the backside of beavers. Mmmmm tasty!

Healing plants that are being prohibited in the european union:

I know people who have used flouride toothpaste their whole lives and they still have their teeth intact (no dentures or anything). They also have not had cancer.

You might also eventually bring up the allegation that governments are ‘poisoning’ people through flouridating the water. It would be worth noting that the main reasons why my hometown voted against a recent initiative to start flouridation is not because it’s a town that believes in all the conspiracies, but because it would be better to ensure the poor have access to dental hygiene products and you already get your daily allotment of flouride through toothpaste.

On the bug thing, I do agree that this sounds somewhat disgusting and I do agree that the public is being mislead here. I think if you’re going to call it strawberry yogurt, then please make sure you’re using the actual juice from strawberries, as it’s pretty much considered a universal wrong to lie to the customer (even if you would make a lot less money if you called it ‘bug yogurt’)

Double the dosis, triple the dosis, make the dosis bigger when in doubt.
For example if some scientist say to you some chemical added to the food is not bad, let him demonstrate it eating 1 kg of the substance.
For example I say water, apples are not bad and I can demonstrate it eating 1 kg of each substance. Make the scientist demonstrate their claims.

Why some people is affected more than others. Is all about quantum, and also pure biology. But if people are resistant to poisons has no relation with the presence of the poisons. Eliminate the poisons of our foods and we don’t need to understand why people is resistant to them.

Eat a kilogram of pure calcium and you might be in a world of hurt, but if ingested in much smaller amounts, it actually benefits your health, in fact, eat a kilogram of a good chunk of what your body actually needs to perform its daily function and you could find yourself developing adverse health conditions.

It’s been well known that certain chemicals and substances are actually harmless if it’s only a very small amount that is ingested (some much smaller than others). Of course we can always get rid of the preservatives and such (if you want astronomical food prices because everything would have to be produced locally and thrown away after a week, and not everyone has the space to create their own personal farm to sustain themselves with).

Stay away from water and apples. Water can cause water intoxification! Apple seeds contain cyanide!

Minerals must be not taken from the mine to your mouth. Minerals must be always from vegetable ingesting. If a scientist say you to eat some rock of calcium say him to eat a rock of 1 kg indeed.

The best source for calcium is sesame seeds (milk is bad mainly because the pharma used on animals and hormones and such).

Make them optional. Why they pass laws to not make necessary to specify in labels a food is using genertic modified crops? What is their fear if it is a good thing people will buy them as mad. They will be in great success selling modified crops.
I will explain quickly the problem with transgenics: Genetic modified foods have several modifications, some of which are variating the quality of nutrients, but the most important change is that the genetic modified plant is more resistant to more strong chemicals that kill everything, every plant and animal, except the modified plant. This means the plant absorves the pesticides but is not killed. Then these plants with more pesticides inside are eaten by animals and humans and then we are the ones to cop with increased amounts of chemicals.
Where I live the chickens don’t eat genetic modified corn (probably detect the higher amounts of poisons inside) and the farmers here blend the corn grains until have a paste that then mix with other things, only then the chicken eat the poisonous grains.
Little animals detect better poison things because being little the amount of poison is much bigger relatively than to us. Is like the canary bird miners used to detect gas while mining.

I can cook things and then put them in jars and have them for months. The chemicals are not necessary. And are the source of every modern sickness.
And to produce things locally is the way to avoid many bad things.

1 kg of both is not harmful

1 kg of every conservant used in processed foods will kill you. The small dosis is just making your body work hard each day to get rid of it. Is recommended to eat the less processed food and the most natural from local farmers don’t using chemicals, that you can find. But don’t go paranoid, the body of the humans is created to get rid of poisons, you only need to drink sufficient water each day, like 3 glases of water will suffice.

As if the ancient civilizations did not have modern medicine only because there was no such thing as disease or sickness (or maybe they only ate super-food provided by the reptile people :spin:)

The ancient Egyptians had to deal with cancer (despite some believing it didn’t exist 100 years ago), there are also records dating from thousands of years ago of diseases that we simply don’t see much of today.

In all of this, I don’t get where some people believe that we would see a literal heaven on earth if not for the ‘greedy elite’, something that we believe says that such a thing will never happen until some time in the future, I could go into detail, but you get close to violating the forum rules if you did (which all I can say is not going to be the result of any effort by the human race).

So 1kg of cyanide would be harmless, but the stuff in processed foods make the body work harder to get rid of? Gotcha.

Sometime ago a lady told us that the stuff they put on the Cola fizzy drinks is extremely poisonous. So I try to limit my consumption of Cola fizzy drinks. She said her ex worked at the factory and told her this. Just another substance to keep aware of.

I am personally of the opinion (based upon some light research as well as intuition) that fluoridation of public water is a money-making scam by government contract seeking dudes at best (called “rent seeking” in economics), and very possibly a mechanism to make people docile and infertile, at worst.

Somebody once said: “Even if fluoride is so great for teeth, why would you want to drink it? You don’t swallow soap to clean your body.” That makes a lot of sense: in toothpaste is one thing, but constant digestion of it is dubious and maybe outright malicious.

I’m very uneducated about any issues with radio waves, although I have repeatedly heard that it’s best to keep high-frequency transmitters (like Wi-fi chips or cell phones) several feet away from your body. Because this is very easy for me to do, I just do that, and haven’t bothered researching it much beyond that.

So while I can’t offer too much on those two topics, there is one area that I do feel very knowledgeable and can say has changed my health dramatically: diet. I strongly encourage people to (a) get lots of saturated fats (natural fats in meat, eggs, butter, whole milk, etc.) because saturated fat is the foundation for all of our hormones. Part of the reason so many are infertile and listless today is because meat consumption has plummeted and so one’s body doesn’t have the good fats (saturated fats) for production of testosterone, HGH, pregnenolone, etc., etc. I begin most every morning with eggs and ten strips of bacon, and I eat tons of more fat throughout the day, and I am leaner than ever. I average about 500% the U.S. government’s daily allowance of fat…and my blood pressure and weight are awesome. All of the “low fat” stuff is total crap.

On the flip side (b)…avoid grains and sugars. When you’re consuming these, your metabolism reroutes to burn sugar for fuel instead of fat, and so your body just stores and stores fat. They also increase inflammation and have other deleterious effects on metabolism. If you stay under 150 carbs per day on average (certainly, feel free to indulge on the special occasion) and get your saturated fats, you’ll be amazed at how much your thinking clears up and your body firms up.

I highly recommend this free documentary, ‘Fat Head’:

Then, here is a testimonial by a reader of one of my favorite paleo diet sites, MarksDailyApple:

This changed my life so much for the better.

That’s just ridiculous. For example, It’s essential that you get certain vitamins from you diet, but eat 1 kg of almost any vitamin and you will definitely get some sort of poisoning. Also, drinking too much water will kill you.

There’s a saying: “The dose makes the poison”

It shows how full of shit are the arguments of people paid to say that poisons in small dosis are not harmful so they continue to be used in everything. Others do it for free, not paid at all.

glyphosate, the active chemical in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide formula:

Are you saying that you would be better off without any vitamins at all, since they are toxic if you consume too much?

People have died of hyper-hydration or water poisoning. If you read the data about how fluoridation had a positive impact on public health because of how generally important healthy teeth are, it should at least stir some doubt. Sodium Fluoride is without a doubt one of the most toxic substances we know of (some say second to nuclear waste), but in trace amounts it’s made our mouths healthier.

I’m also concerned about food production because of the ecological economics and public health. Corn is probably the greatest offender. Cheep corn is nothing but starch. It’s used to make an unhealthy form of sugar and to fatten cattle before slaughter. It’s a crop that is being grown for it’s unhealthy qualities. It is so nutritionally devoid that the young cattle are dying from malnutrition when they go to slaughter. It’s nothing but an unhealthy flavoring. I would prefer that the resources not be used for such a thing. I’m not against GMO but I am against garbage and that is what cheep corn is. If they want to modify crops they should go the other direction and make them nutritionally dense. This would be justified ecologically, economically and nutritionally. This is why they don’t want it labeled. In my opinion everything should be labeled. What a person puts in their body is their business no matter what the reason.

We don’t really have the empirical data that we would need to support ecological distress however it’s clear that we are capable of causing some disruption and it would stand to reason to be safe rather than sorry and begin choosing more environmentally friendly solutions.

No. I am saying that people is paid to say that the poisons in small dosis they put in our foods is:

  1. deliberate with the purpose of make harm
  2. easy to expose: just make the dosis higher and say the guy to eat it to demonstrate it is as he says

Today I bought chocolate that has stevia instead sugar. The problem with sugar is the refinement process using chemicals, but I don’t know exactly if it is that some of the chemicals then come to the final product or if those chemicals create something that is harmful when combined with the sugar or what exactly. But even worst are the artificial sweeteners like aspartame (Monsanto) present in almost every “special food” women eat to “keep their figures”. Ask any lady by the headaches and say her to stop drinking artificial drinks and those special foods and those problems will disappear. There are astonishing testimonies out there about aspartame. With aspartame you just put the thing and let ants to eat it and they die instantly. When people knew about it and asked to be illegalized, Monsanto changed the name. Actually you don’t find it anymore in the labels. I don’t remember the exact name it receives now but it is something like an E- and a number.

But the thing is, some things are perfectly safe in small amounts but toxic in larger amounts.

I do agree about aspartame though, it is probably not very good for you (and personally I hate the taste). At least where I live they still put on the label if a product contains it. Aspartame was also approved as a sweetener years before Monsanto bought the company that originally made it.

The E-numbers (E951 for aspartame) are just a codes for different food additives within the european union, and are not secret in any way, just another way (some might think that the food industry is trying to hide what is in the products, but you can easily look up the codes).

However, I still think that having someone eat 1 kg of a substance to prove it’s not dangerous is just completely ridiculous, since that amount of almost any pure compound would cause some toxic effects.

Don’t know too much about stevia, so I won’t comment on that

From your post it sounds like there is something harmful in the sugar that you buy from a store, i.e. sucrose. Have you ever done or had anyone else do any chemical analysis of table sugar to show that there in fact is something else than sugar in there?