Protecting a .blend

so OK i now know of the BP player and other the legal things on making a commercial game.

Now i would like to know. Is there anyway to protect your .blend files from being opened or tampered with?

Yes. Just don’t share them.

this post is a week old with no answer, I will offer that if I wanted somebody not to mess with a file, I would use winrar, and rar it with a password.

Use a scriptlink.

import Blender

Connect this to open scene. Whenever someone tries to open your .blend Blender will instantly quit. Just make a backup without the scriptlink first!

Only problem is that someone can append the things in the blendfile into another one. There isn’t really any foolproof way to ensure nobody tampers with your blendfile. I would recommend not distributing it if you don’t want it tampered with.

The BPPlayer also protects .blend files.

The BPPlayer encrypts blend files into a new format known as a block file. It provides heavy protection but is still efficient at running games.

I’ve been wondering about this myself…

are you sure you know what is BPPlayer is ???
its main application is encryption :0

You could make a installer with winrar and then put it in a pass protected .rar and only those that buy it know the password ?

I dont understand why you want to protect your blend.
Just look a big game like Crysis or Doom, you can extract every data from pak files. Okay, no 3dmax files, but textures, scripts, shaders etc…
The copyrights will protect your work.

Hire a bodyguard for each .blend. Preferably the big, brutish sort. You know, the ones that look like they could crush every bone in your body with their little finger. Then have them stand over the shoulders of everyone who buys (or otherwise comes in contact with) your game and say, “I wouldn’t open that .blend file if I were you. That is, if you value your life.”

andrew-101 and bat3a already mentioned it but BPPlayer DOES do this.

You can typically get something you can convert to a standard model format if the game is 3d. What you can’t get is the .exe or .dll source files, or occasionally some of them if there is an SDK.

This is the real issue with BPPlayer right now, I don’t believe you can link from a .block to a .blend. If you could you could store vital code you don’t want reverse engineered or hacked in the .block which can link to moddable .blend files. I’m still having difficulty getting it to link .blend to .blend at the moment with 2.53. Once the bugs are out though it should basically fill all our needs.

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