Protecting object from big physic change

How can I protect an object from big phisic changes?
For example even big games we can see some bugs, like when an object going into the floor or wall etc. But they can protect the object from “flying out” from the world.
How can we make this in Blender?

Okay, of course even big games I have seen great bugs of physicc. :slight_smile:

My idea is to detect forces by phyton and if force>limit then force=limit. I will try this but now I can’t because I must learn more python. :slight_smile:

I do not have a solution for this but some concerns.
The thing is if you apply a “protective” script to one ore more objects, it should run all the time. that will have deep impact on the performance.

An idea would be to have some “cover” physics, like invisible boxes below the floor or in the walls. This boxes could detect a collision and “correct” the object, whatever that could means. This would be a performance impact too. Sometime this helps that they exist without further logic (at least in my car demo).

thank you, I will try