Protecting Proxy Objects in the library file

There is a nice feature described in the releasenotes and in the manual about proxy objects

“The important aspect of a Proxy Object is that it allows you to edit data locally, but also allows to keep specific data protected. Data that’s defined as protected will always be restored from the Library (typically on file reading or undo/redo steps). This protection is defined in the referenced Library itself, which means that only the Library files can define what’s allowed to change locally.
For Poses, you can control this by indicating Bone layers to become protected. Protected layers then show with a black dot in it. Use CTRL+click on a button to protect or unprotect that layer.”

I’ve put some of the bones of an armature on different bone layers, and Ctrl-clicked the layers, so the black dot is visible.

Now i’ve linked the armature to another file, and made a proxy obect of the armature. Everything works as expected, but I can pose every bone, even those on protected layers.

What am I missing here?

With kind regards

Sorry, I had to bump this.

IIRC, bones on ‘protected’ layers cannot be keyframed, and will be reset after reloading the file when using the armature in another file as a proxy.


Something like that I suppose. I think I do know now how it works, but it don’t know what it’s good for. :confused:

You can keyframe the bones, but if you move (rot/skale) protected bones in pose mode, this movement will be reset if you reload the file. But if you have an Ipo in that frame, the bone moves according to the Ipo, whether it is protected or not…

Seems not to usefull in the moment (but proxy objects are of course).