-Proton Ninja- combat game

(Hirpo) #1

I´m working on a combat game called “Proton Ninja”. It´s kinda like a community project, because i´m open to any suggestions and ideas that anyone has. it´s a 3rd person close combat game with 1-2 players, in the spirit of mega-man, and all the the retro platform games (it´s not a platform game, but you know what i mean.) It will have multiple stances (stand, stand with sword, crouch, crouch with sword…). Anyway, post me!

(Abracsis) #2

all i’ll say is thats the hardest thing to do in game blender


(guru202) #3

That sounds great. Do that! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Fred_Pyo) #4

Dreaming is for free! hahaha! Kiddin… it’s all possible… BLENDER is beautiful, full of resources and limitless :wink:

It’s up to your creativity and problem solving logic… and over all, your inspiration!


(Piraniac) #5

it’s difficult, yeah, but it can be done. i’ll currently starting a 3rd person action/adventure with swords and the tests i’ve done so far with logic bricks are looking promising.

i’d say go for it! :wink:


(gorgan_almi) #6

Kool! im workin on a Resident Evil style RPG with lots of sword-fightin like that in it. :slight_smile:

(lemmy) #7

I really want to see some of these games, can anyone give me a demo?

(lemmy) #8

I really want to see some of these games, can anyone give me a demo?

(lemmy) #9

oops, I accidentally put 2 messages!

(blenderage) #10

Yes this is really hard to do (the different stances thing) when I tried to do it the stances kept interfering with each other, no matter what i did with the priority and true false settings. i used properties to determine what stance the character was in do other actions like crouch kick etc but not much luck. If you get this to work tell me how you did it, good luck :smiley: