Protoss Buildings (now with Dragoon!)

Alrighty. I rarely post here, but I thought I might as well since I started a 3D project. No clue how far I’ll go, but I’m about to experiment with terrain.

Textures are minimal (for now, or maybe forever). I’m scared to model units. They’re so complicated!

Oh, and a lot of the buildings are kind of… ill-defined. I had to use my creativity to fill in the blanks.

I’m planning on making this a print available through deviantArt.

On dA:

lol cool, i see that many people are recreating the star craft creatures and architecture

lookin good

Been trying to model a dragoon the past half day. It’s actually rather challenging, considering I had to model off a tiny image, and that it is ill-defined in the image.

Go here for full view:
And for the other full view:

Deviant art posts:
Other one:

hmm… looking good, but I think the first joints of the legs are sharper, note the attached pic… they also seem to have a groove on the top


I discovered that the original starcraft had dragoons in one of the cinematics, and man is my model wayyy off. Well, it least it somewhat matches the in-game graphics.

Very nice starcraft models. Just gata crit on a few things(I’ve played SC ever sience it came out so I might be a little harsh).

The Assimilator needs to be wider and bigger. The forge needs to be smaller(basicaly switch to size of the assimilator for the forge. The cybernetics core needs to be alot smaller as well. The Stargate(the lower right part) also has that blue glass/sheild thing on it like to above stargate. All the pylons need to be bigger. The photon cannons themsleves are modeled perfectly except one thing. When no enemies are around they kind of fall into themsleves and become flat. When theres an enemy around they pop up and start shooting.

Nice try on the Dragoon but ya the bottom of the dragoon is totaly off. Keep at it man it looks great so far.

SUGGESTION: If you still have the starcraft game load it up and build a protoss city just like yours. This will help you get the sizes of your buildings right. If you don’t I can do it for you just let me know.