Protoss Buildings

Hi. Do any of you play starcraft? Well, I’ve been modeling some of the Protoss structures, and I need feedback on them; especially how I can make them more realistic. Here’s what I have so far:

The original buildings from the game can be seen

Also, I’m having a bit of a problem getting the fiberscript to work correctly. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all, saying to check the console which says something about an ‘f’ variable. Other times (Which happens randomly as far as I know) it works, but I can’t get a good type of grass. For starters, all the grass are made upside down (like they’re growing on the bottom side of the plane). And another is that I can’t get them to be short enough while still be thin. Is it possible to get each fiber to look like a grass shape? Lastly, I don’t know how to get the grass to grow more, as in getting more abundant amounts of grass rather than a few strands here and there. Any help would be appreciated!

Sorry can’t help you on the fiber script but these models look great. Are you trying to completely replicate the originals or are you finished with them and moving onto there enviro? There are small details missing if your trying to completely replicate. Keep it up! =)


Here’s a few:
The FORGE(2nd pic) the tubes look like candy canes. You could make the ribbing horizontal(or vertical in this case) instead of being diagonal.

The modelling is great so far, but keep working on the textures. They look flat and dont seem to match the curvature of the buildings.

Nice halos on the crystals though.

Now… I wonder if you can cook up some units…

All Protoss buildings from StarCraft so you can compare: