"Prototype Cube" - Provisional Name

Hi all, if anyone reminds me, I was making games, but too big for me, but now, I have decided to make a simple and addictive game, “Prototype Cube”.


The name is just Provisional for the moment but I will explain more than this…

The game is inspirated in “The Hardest Game of the World” but, this time, texturized with Pixel Art and maded in 3D. The objective of the game is arrive to the goal with the more lifes as possible, there are a lot of moving obstacles that if you touch these, you will be teleported to the start of the level, and if you lose all of your lifes (3) you will be teleported to the last level accomplished.

As I explained at up ^, the single player only consists in arrive to the goal with the more lifes as possible, with a lot of moving obstacles, and if you touch these, you lose a life, if you lose all your lifes (3) you will be teleported to the last accomplished level.

YES, the hardest way in Blender Game Engine, a multiplayer mode for our games… so It will be only made if I can write a lot of Python but I say for now, I can’t make a multiplayer mode for this game, but when the Single player will be finished, I will center on this, because has a lot of potential, but yes, I will need help, at least for the Multiplayer mode.

The most potential of the Multiplayer mode on this game is the (Not started development) Level Editor, you will be able to create your own Levels and publish it in a list, if you have a host you can host a server for this game and include your own maps on your server, or say to anyone if has a server to include your level in the server, so you can enjoy your level, the people will be able to vote the quality of they and if you have a lot of levels with the most community quality, your level will be oficially listed on the “quality list”.

But I say another time, I will insist to make a Multiplayer mode, but if I don’t have help, I think this will be not possible :frowning: , but I hope yes :smiley: !

First day of development - (18/02/2012)

- Ideas for make the game.
- Base of the game (Player/Camera/Movement etc Setup).

Second day of development - (19/02/2012)

- First Pixel Art textures for the game finished.
- "Test Level" for testing everything new that can be implemented on the game.
- "Dead Cubes" for testing the teleporting to the start of the level, and the life system.
- Elevator platform test (succefull testing).
- In-game custom text test (fail D:).
## UPDATE 6:05 AM ##
- Added Interface.
- Added Life System.
- Added Finish Level Statistics Panel.

Third day of development (20/02/2012)

New things added to the game:
- Game Menu Prototype.
- Tutorial Level.
- Level 1.
- Music Test #1.
- Two new cubes (Gold & Black).
- Life System.
- Finish Level Platform.
- Level Statistics Panel.  
Game Fixes:
- Fixed Property "Life Quitter".

So, finally only I can say, I’m really exscited with the potential of this game, and I hope the development will not be stopped, the only way, is the encouragement!

Hope you like,

PD: If I progress fast with the game, I will apply it on the Blender Summer Game Competition.

The Hardest Game in the World! @[email protected]
Good Luck! Your Gameplay is very simple, I think you really can do this!
I love how the Texts appear and vanish so smoothly. Did you adjust them manually to look centered or is there a particular Way to achieve automated center-aligned Text? (if so, I’d be very thankful – it looks so much more æsthetic!)

Yeah, the gameplay is really very simple, the text is adjusted manually and the appear and vanish smoothly is because the text is an animated image with alpha, a lot of frames for accomplish the smoothly vanish :stuck_out_tongue:

PD: I’m working now in the interface.

Added a new video and updated changelog.

I like the simplicity and the colors :slight_smile: Maybe add some small camera jerk/tremble when losing life. Also short “you’re dead” or “game over” overlay before restarting after loss of all lives. You got a small typo in test2 video - “if you touch theY…”. Does the background cloud move independently? I think subtle moving clouds in the background will look nice. Enemies seem a bit stiff now. Try to rotate them with random speed for each around the ax, perpendicular to their movement? Not sure if it will look better or just confusing. Add different end level marker?
Good job anyway as it is now :slight_smile:

I think having the screen pixelate and depixelate would be great when dying.

@Goh , yes the clouds are moving independently, but I will think on implementing your ideas to the game.

@agoose77 Not thinked on it, but would be great to pixelate the screen when dying.

If I have time, I will update the post and create a new article in Indiedb demostrating the Game Menu Prototype and the first two levels of the game.

I will work on the dying screen now.

Chips Challenge

Nice game, I’ve always wanted to make one of these sorts of games - good luck with it! :slight_smile:

Added new video and updated changelog.

Looks good.
Did you consider really just teleporting the Player to the Start when Dying? Right now there is a Loading Time, which looks like you restart the Scene. Though if the Player doesn’t change anything in the Environment, then simply teleporting him back would work the same but faster.
The Music fits well.
Ô, and when the Player gets a Lift on the Goal Platform and rises up, that really gives a cool Feel of Progress.:cool:

Thanks, but no, I will do an animation when the player dye, I will start working on it tomorrow, and when I have finished it, I will center on create levels, levels and more levels, and when I think there are the sufficient and necessary levels, I will start with the Multiplayer Mode development, using the agoose77 Multiplayer Addon.

Any more updates? ^^
I started making one of these-sorts of games yesterday! It’s more like ‘The Hardest Game in The World’.

Nope, I still working in the SinglePlayer Levels, but, why are you doing another game of “THGITW”?

For fun! I enjoy making games! :slight_smile: Don’t worry, I’m not competing with you or anything like that, just for fun. Also, the Game Comp rules say no fan games, so I can’t enter anyway. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, Midgardh, it is pretty common that other People want to make something like you have in Mind, even if they do not even know it. These Days I’m seeing Lots and Loads of 2D-Platformer Ideas here on the Forum, and I know what it feels like when your own Ideas seem much less special due to the Amount of People making similar Stuff.
I think the best Way to really do one’s very own Project, really giving a very own and individual Spin to it. Like, if you draw and have a particular Art Style, let it flow into your Project. If you make Sound and Music and have your very unique Sound, then put them in. Giving your very own personal Style to your Project is the best Way to remain unique and maybe People will love the Game for that particular Style.

Your game visuals are looking nice already, they are consistent in all the parts you had shown in your videos. Thought I am sure what has been shown is not all, which you have a lot of ideas to make things more interesting.

If you’re thinking about multiplayer for this, then i’m quite excited; for this is one of the easier mechanics to work with! :slight_smile:

The developing of this project is stopped for the moment, cuz I’m developing Unsurvive.

@agoose77 , you think your addon can support a 4 players cooperative game?

Always one way to find out!