Prototype for zody the slug.

Hi all!

4 days ago, I started out doing a tutorial for a 2d platform game, and things got quite out of hand.
I have a neat new game genre!
“The 2d platform racer!”

The character I developed also has a couple of unique traits.
Here is some notes I made on game play while I was developing Zody.
it can tell you a whole lot more.

#    Blocks?                         #
We of the scientific community are a board crowd of professionals.

Everything has been discovered here in the year 49152 ,
so we tweak existing life forms to amuse ourselves and sell them to the public.

The Slugs from the glacier lakes on the body of Pluto seemed interesting enough.
So we implanted a military forcefield generator in it's little brain.
With a little Zap from your joystick button or keyboard Spacewar, 
it can convince this little guy to make a shield block.
Shield blocks where designed to stop bullets and asteroids with minimal amounts of energy.
Thus, they have lots of friction, and only stay for a limited amount of time.
Our little friend uses them to get to high places and to deflect moving objects.
The Slugs cannot be hurt or damaged in any way, so feel free to zoom them about, and bounce them off the ice and shield blocks at high speeds.

#    Methane, The power in all of us!#
Our character has no legs, only millions of small glands that produce this slippery lubricant, some what like a snail.
With a little "OouuuuuuummmmPH!" of the belly, our little friend gains forward momentum.
To climb upon things our slippery little friend has evolved an ingenious mechanism of thrust! 
It eats the artic ice and separates microscopic organisms from it. 
From this protein it is able to produce methane, which it can release at will, to give it upward momentum!!

#    Jumping and building blocks:    #
If you have forward momentum with even the little bit of lift, you can build a block and have the player hop onto it.
automatically by holding the movement key/joy position in the direction of the block. 

#    "Stair climbing"                #

timing is very important, try to wait until the player character is on top of the first block until you hit the  "Build block" button again.  
re-Pete the above in rapid succession to build a staircase.

Building too fast will bring the player to a halt, it also does not work while the player is falling or motionless.

#    MAPing and MODing                                          #

Feel free to tweak this game!
Look in layer 4 of the game scene for the beizers curve I used to make the almost entire level!

to make your own set of maps is simple!

just rename the Zody file to your map name, load the map in blender.
then delete the existing ground, ceiling, and whatever else you dont want.
Just make sure your new level is directly under Zody's playermodel...

now all you need to do is set the flag positions.
goto frame 1, move the flag to the desired location, and press I and snap the location.
do 10 wavepoints, and an 11'th position off the map some were ,so the player cant bump it anymore.

Here are some more screen shots :
a shot of the blocks in action. “Phew! just made it!”
A more uniform staircase, I did the timing a bit better on this one.

And there is the flag! hit 10 of them and you win :slight_smile:

My best score so far was 72.

This game is released under the creative commons licence you can find it here:

Feel free to make your own set of race tracks, and re-distribute it if you want :slight_smile:

Here is the file :

This is the cross platform version.

The Windows version will be ready in a couple of days, as soon as I get the sounds done and working.
There might be a few more levels as well on the next release.

Hopefully I can get a version with sound working in linux as well. (Debian and Ubuntu is all I have installed.)

This game is 100% made with Logic blocks!! no scripts at all :slight_smile:

The game is also 100% raster texture free as well. everything was handpainted with vertex colors :slight_smile:

I will try getting this working with the web-plugin too. the small filesize would make it ideal for showing off the explorer plugin :slight_smile:

all comments and questions are welcome

Have fun!

This game will run in the blender just fine… but…, I highly recomend using the blenderplayer.exe that came with your installed blender.
in linux just goto a commandline and
blenderplayer zody.blend

in windows, find a blender shortcut, rightclick on it, get the propertys, and click on find target…
the explorer should open to the blender root directory. You will find the blenderplayer.exe here…
just take the Zody.blend file and drag - and - drop it on the blenderplayer.exe icon.
you may wish to make a shortcut to blenderplayer on your desktop for easy access in the future (it will let you drag and drop onto shortcuts too.

Hope you all enjoy this game :slight_smile: have fun

haha thats funny! Took some time for me to finish, coz its a little hard, but haha really cool man! 5 stars! haha

oh and the game got eaven cooler, when I put “Rigged body” on. :smiley:

WOW!! Blender as a Nintendo console!
What a little wonder!!
pOOf you’re the Blender game maker of the month…year?!
Hats off
No words about my score…too hard for me… :slight_smile:

Excellent game! Great job.

Great game, everything is runing smooth, no glitches! Good job

Lol, sweet. Time just kept ticking away for me. Hehe, flag chasing.

Two things to make the game better or easier, lol.

  1. Minimap to show where the flags are
  2. Have enable all frames unchecked (The game was moving way too fast for me with that enabled)

Haha, love the adding block touch. :confused:Gosh I gotta start implementing some game ideas before I see all of them being implemented by everyone else. Hehe, had in mind adding blocks for a 3d type of game.

It’s was amazingly refreshing and pretty fun having that guy bounce all over the place and scurrying him around to find flags. Great job.

Jason Lin

Of the year, most definitelly.

pOOf, you did it again. The concept is awsome.

On linux the game runs at 150 fps constantly, so the little guy animation was blazing fast (I thought that something was wrong with him for a while), but then I resized to full screen and the whole thing normalized.

Very, very nice, I like the animation especially.

Also, I love the intro with all lines, I never messed around with those before, they actually make for a pretty nice effect.

This is an example of how people should present their game projects…when they are actually built up. Really this is such a nice refreshing change from all that “announcing new game project, but I did nothing” threads. It’s as if they all need cheerleaders in order to get anything done.

Way to go pOOf, because of you I still have hope.

Yes, and a slap in the face, of all those who want to do Halo6 or GTA8 5 (including me :frowning: ) and just lack of lightness and imagination

Excellent excellent excellent. That is Nintendo DS calibur gaming man, I think u should call Nintendo =)

It’s as if they all need cheerleaders in order to get anything done


Anyway, fun little game p00f, nice work!

Awesome game! 1 crit though, the character slides around too much

Very nice. It’s playable and fun. Kind of reminds me of Earthworm Jim.:slight_smile: This puts many other games to shame with it’s fun simplicity. Way to go!

woot! time:150 very awsome O_O

Manualy entered new line char… fixed now

OK all fixed… Just had to manualy enter all the new line charictors. wonder what is wrong ?

I read all of your thank you post. I don’t think its broke. by the way great job.

WOW! I had no idea it would be this popular :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the feedback everyone, I am 75% done with a re-mix of the original level :slight_smile:
there will be a new course and new decorations, and a few bugs fixed. Windows sound version has been canceled, I am going to just try to use python and make it cross platform. (Help wanted)
I hope to be done in afew hours from now :slight_smile:
Hi Lasphere, Glad you like it :slight_smile:
@OTO, Yes indeed 2d platform games are my favorite :slight_smile:
@BeBraw, Thanks :slight_smile:
@spacestrudel Yea! I like the new bullett physics, very smooth :slight_smile:
@goldentaijii Yea I will do a mini-map for the next major release :slight_smile:
@Social, Thanks man, thant means alot to me :slight_smile: Thanks aslo on the feedback on the game, I am going to drop the windows sound version, and wait untill I get pygame or pysound or pywhatever working, then I will release a sound version for WIN,MAC,and linux at same time hopefully :slight_smile:
@ MagicMyshu , Well maby not for the nintendo DS, but I am going to buy a playstation 3 soon, and instal Linux on it, and start developing from there.
@Social, Thanks man, thant means alot to me :slight_smile: Thanks aslo on the feedback on the game, I am going to drop the windows sound version, and wait untill I get pygame or pysound or pywhatever working, then I will release a sound version for WIN,MAC,and linux at same time hopefully :slight_smile: PC is great to develop for, but I always dreames of haveing my own console game :slight_smile:
@ free_ality , Thanks glad you like it :slight_smile:

ok I think this fixed it


I fixed it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment , glad you like the game jessgp :slight_smile:

Ha great!


Good. The great job.