Prototypical -- Adventure Game in Progress

Hello, Blender folk!

This is simultaneously an announcement and a plea for help.

Since around July, I’ve been working on an adventure game which I’ve named “Prototypical.” By now you may be wondering what this has to do with Blender…

Well, I’m using a mix of Blender and The GIMP to create the art assets. The software (Adventure Game Studio) used to create the game itself is found at

Here’s an example of a couple of walk-cycles I’ve created using only Blender:
(The main character)
(A heavy encountered early in the game)

Thanks to the node editor, I was able to create these outlines within Blender itself… no post-production (aside from gif compilation) was necessary.

As you can see, I’ve chosen to employ a very simplistic cel-shaded style.
With apologies in advance for the quality of compression, please visit for a deeper look at the game including story elements and a couple of screenshots that show how the style was applied to background images. A demo is also available. Please ignore the crap-factor of the second FMV sequence.

As for the plea for help… this is a massive project. Though I’ve been working since July, I have not accomplished a sufficient amount of work, especially in the realm of backgrounds. The assistance of additional modelers would help to get this project out of its current state of development limbo as well as motivate me to finish the project. As has been stated, the style is quite minimalistic, and beginners are not only accepted, but even somewhat preferred.

That’s pretty darn sweet. I wanna play RIGHT NYAH!

Imma send you a PM so look out fo it k?

Edit: Fantastic so far, but the lightbulb puzzle = I need a hint =)

I don’t know if I’m supposed to count the first one or not and then its hard to keep up with them lights keep on blinking like dat

But yeah I love this game so far - really - and not just because its free =)

I would like to help you if dat’s OK mister =o

Not having much free time or experience designing backgrounds for adventure games but I would be glad to help you. This is such a great project, I am surprised by the small number or replies. 5 stars from me !!!

wow, that is ausome. i want more. be happy 2 help if i could, but not sure if i would be very helpfull :).

hope its ok candal, but here is a hint for magicmyshu. the light bulb flashes 3 sets of 4 flashes. treet them like morse code. the buttons on the keypad also produce sequences of 4…


sorry math and morse code are not two of my strong points :wink:

and yes this game is very fun and I love the music and the gameplay and all that stuff as well - vrry vrry solid now if only Candall will respond soon enough - ya gotta to respond man if you want help from folk

Heya, guys. Thanks for the responses!

This weekend is a bit crazy for me, so sorry for the late response.

I really appreciate the interest in the project. I’ll send each of you a PM with my email address so that we can discuss the project in a bit more depth.

Thanks again!

The backgrounds are basicly still images, right?

You can probably create several simalar rooms by re-aranging objects, changing camera angles, etc.

But I expect you allready know that.

and you can allways draw in 2D and colour in gimp if you find that easier.

Sorry I’ve no time to help you.