Proxies for multiple instances of an object group.

I’m having an issue where I have several instances of the same object linked to a scene. I create a proxy to control the armature of one of the instanced objects, however this proxy ends up controlling all instances.

Is there a way to create a proxy for each instance of the same linked object and have them work independently?


Hello ronnke, you should put your blender version and SO for we could help you more easy. Anyway , I think you are found a bug or something extrange in the form of make things in blender. I never notice it … For much instance object I use dupliverts… But I dont worked with the same character making varios instances in the same scene (like one pack of puppies for example).
If anybody give us one solution I will send it to the bug tracker, with credit to you, of course.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using Blender 2.5.

The documentation in 2.49 states that it is something in development. I’m not sure if that development has been completed in 2.5.

Animating a pack of the same puppy (from a linked file) would be the exact thing I am trying to achieve.

I read your mind or something :wink: I thinked was something for your spaceship project. The armature setup in Blender 2.5 can be much powerful, like firing laser on or off with bones (disconecting the particles) .

True, the linking was in development , and I’m using the blender 2.5 because the new physics baked with the linked objects, so, I guess now they wish develop the linking. I really use link a lot… For serius projects its the best.
Even I know another “bug” (appart this and another open already) with linked objects but these guys will really hate me if I dont stop :wink:

EDIT: The “another bug i’m not sure” has been fixed! But i didnt know when xD The problem was about proxy objects: they losed their vertex and another propierties, but now its linked all very very nice! Good work!

Well , Tom himself has confirmed at this time this function isn’t supported. Until then, we can duplicate objects (ALT + D works nice, isnt necesary SHIFT + D) and make one new group for every char in the file.

I have tried a few things and they all resulted in frustration. I think I have no choice, but to drop the idea of trying to animate multiple instances of a linked object model. grrr. :frowning:

The only workaround is to make completely unique copies on the same model. Which means, if I make a change to one model I will have to go and make that same change to all duplicates of that model, or delete the duplicates and create them again.