Proxies from 2.79 files, mostly working but

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I’ve got a file that I need to revisit and am testing it in 2.8 to see if I can get some quick renders out of EEVEE, everything is working for the most part (really impressed) but one crucial part is that I have Linked Characters that have then been Proxied and those proxies have been parented to an object which follows a path. The trouble is that, while the rig of the proxy appears to still follow the object/path correctly, the mesh moves along the location axis of the original empty.

Is it going to be a case that, with the new proxy system, we can load old scenes or are we going to have to re-link characters and make a new proxy?


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2.8 should be able to load old files. They will be automatically converted to the new system.
From what you say it looks like a bug where the geometry isn’t correctly updated .

In 2.8 the proxy system is replaced with static override that is a different system with similar functionalities , there is also the new dependency graph. So it’s quite logical that there are some corner cases like this.

If your geometry behave correctly with only the rig , for now maybe you should find a workaround. Like baking the empty animation to the root bone of your rig (in 2.79) so you can get rid of the rig->empty->curve relationship. And finally import this action to your 2.8 scene.

When the bug tracker will be open to regular bug submission little issues like this will eventually be fixed.

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Thanks, I keep downloading any new builds from hoping each time that it will suddenly work but I will look for a work around until then.

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Well I’ve been downloading a new version everytime there is one available but still nothing.

Here’s a picture of the problem.

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It seems that the offset of the poistion was due to there being multiple Scenes in the file and it was using the animation from one of those files. I’ve stripped back the file to one Scene and it is now in the right place.