Hi guys,
I have a scene with a lot of trees. When I used to use Vray, it was possible to use proxies (simple objects shifted to final objects when render). So, original trees are kept in separated files, keeping scene lighter.
Is there something similar in Cycles?

Natively you can use bounding boxes?

In 3.0 with geonode you can use the switch node to swap your model on render

also there’s Lodify

there’s also a rigging workflow with data override for studio pipeline tho, but it was not designed for proxies imho

Thank you Dorian. I´ll install the addon.

Is this addon run on Blender 2.93.1? I´m trying to install, but nothing happens…

Check the .py file in a text editor, you probably didn’t download it from GitHub Correctly :slight_smile:

@BD3D Is this the place where I should download the addon?


I downloaded it, but still doesn´t working. I´m using Blender 2.93.1.

I discovered how to install it. Instead install as the most of addons (installing the zip file), I had to download zip and unzip it. So, install the py file. :wink: