Proxify a Proxy system for Blender

Sure, coming around the 28th, it’s the first thing in my to do list after the release of Scatter


Pretty useful addon, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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28thof march?

No, really soon.

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lip biting intensifies

Video is up


Great work on the tut!

What if obj data is linked, does it still work? I guess linked data with animation is better, it also runs smoother that way. I guess it only works with “live” data, being data inside the current Blend file.

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Thank you sir!!!

Oh man, that’s an awesome question!

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I have no idea, you may try it?
The whole point of proxify is to have a proxy system without Linking anything.
As for animation it’s a bonus, Proxify is primordially for environment art/archviz

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Yes i understand, my guess it will work just fine even if its linked. :slight_smile:

Awesome addon work for me in 2.82. Thanks

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is there a way to turn proxies off of the linked objects?

hope you dont mind if i suggest
ui proposal for ( " Object proxy generation " )


slider will change depending on selected tab ( decimate Hull Geo Bounding )
after you setup all the setting slider press the Proxify Button

thank you for creating this addon

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YES YES YES YES! :smiley: I am very happy to see this!! I was doing this in a more complicated manner using collections but a dedicated proxy system is exactly what I was wishing for. Just because of this I am getting your scatter product! to support somehow :smiley:

@MatsuikoHiroka It is just my opinion, but I think its actually nice that the proxify option is in the obejct tab and not in the sidebar. With each addon the sidebar grows and gets messy and such fuction is key in any bigger project or production, so its cool it has its dedicated place.

Btw, Proxify will be replaced by Lodify this weekend.
It will be much more nicer


awesome!! Looking forward to it! I can test it in some crazy big scenes :smiley:

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Saw your post on twitter. That LOD function is so nice, I know this from a different render enfine I use. Sort has same function. It weird at first, but really helps when moving around huge scenes.

One question, this LOD sort of makes proxify addon not need I gues right or is this some sort of a different approach of that?

Lodify is officially available right now


Quick ques - Does Lodify still have the proxy generation tools like Proxify did? Am I missing them?