Proxify 🖥️ [Free Universal Proxy system for blender 2.8][WIP]

It’s default hotkey shift+z 3D View Toggle Shading Type. But type changed from wireframe to rendered:

And thanks, clicking on the viewport helps.

If you edit the linked models, i guees it would be possible to update proxies right?

Use edit linked add > hit shift + \ do the proxy thing and hot shift + \ again. Wouldnt it update proper when using collections. Thats how it should work i believe. Seen daniel bystedt use it this way as well and lits of others

the problem is that the two first techniques result cannot be predicted and are highly dependent on the geometry, it the x% need to be chosen by the user

Why should making proxies be predictable?? Ive never seen them do a predictable job. Only when you use Convex Hull should the shape represent its base form quite close. Doing the weird triangulation thing, i give crap about it how it looks. As long as its small and somehow resembles the original. Otherwise, a proxy beats its purpose. I get the feeling some people want to detailed proxies, which still is useless in some cases.

I agree that we should have proxies supported by cycles, but that’s a task for cycles developers.

I dont agree this should be used for Cycles. Its not the task for a render engine to modeling functions. It should be a Blender task. That way you can use it on other engines as well and also perhaps export your proxies outside blender

However, i guess you mean tthe render engine needs to have the switch for proxy > hi res and backwards.

Well perhaps now that Blender is getting lots of love fromwell know and big studios. Perhaps know the need for a proxy system can get up the list. But as long as no one ask for this stuff, makes a proper proposal, it will never be added.

I has been asked properly already. It simply doesn’t make up that high in a priority list, what’s more it is a Cycles stuff not Blender itself and Cycles has a lot more things that need to be worked on that for sure will be prioritized over proxy system. If CG really finishes V-Ray port for Blender 2.8+ (proper port) then it will contain proxy system aswell.

Well who knows maybe you are right and it will somehow get into a spotlight but meanwhile let’s be thankful for people like BD3D so we can atleast ease to a viewport a bit:).

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Proxify_V5 available

freaturing 3 methods of automatic proxy generation (that also work for animation, just disable “automatic hide modifiers when proxy is called”) (73.8 KB) -

see this twitter thread as example



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Beautiful work, now this is how you do it :slight_smile:
I have an error using the stable 2.82 release when I try to use Bounding Cube or Bounding Cone with any object (my case was with Monkey). This is what the console returns:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Myname\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.82\scripts\addons\”, line 1834, in execute
prox = prox_bound(ob,self.choice)
File “C:\Users\Myname\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.82\scripts\addons\”, line 1762, in prox_bound[0].material)
IndexError: bpy_prop_collection[index]: index 0 out of range, size 0

location: :-1


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Your monkey don’t have any material slot right ?

Nope, no materials applied.

Fixed, you can redownload V5 added a try except loop

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Hello, thank you very much for this addon that I’ve been waiting for a long time, it could be very practical for the environment with blender! Are you thinking about making the code available to the blender foundation, maybe in the long run it could be in the official blender release ? This little addon seems to me very useful and worthy to be integrated in the list of addons pre-integrated to blender;



integrated in the list of addons pre-integrated to blender;

I wish

but they need to integrate this officially in C++ not within an addon


Yes, but I don’t know what is the human process time nor their desire for this feature, I think that if the addon is well managed, having it by default can already do the trick while waiting to integrate it on the roadmap which is already well filled.

they can do this fairly quick.
if it took a python noob 2 days to figure it out, they should be able to do that within less than 3 hours

Here is the page (and the link) to submit an addon that you’d like be included in Blender by default:

but they need to integrate this officially in C++ not within an addon

Not necessary, they can bundle your addon.

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Ps do you know how fork an official add-on to make pull request?

I’ve been fixing the new palette importer. I only found a got for all addons. But I find that rather weird to fork them all just to address one.

I think proxy creation should be separate of a render engine. That way it can be used outside renders as well. I think it will have more functionality that way. You could also use it in animation in that way

@B3D3 - I’ve seen this system in the past. Thank you for pointing to! WOW! This is truly a much needed addon for anyone working on Environment design!!
Thank you so much for posting this.

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Also work with animation @DavidRivera :slight_smile: I think you do animation so it will be for sure useful