PROXIMA - International Deep Space Research Orbiter | UPDATE #4

Latest render!

Hey guys! this is my first draft of an Earth space station for the short film PROXIMA. It would be a space staion that orbits Earth that is a ship’s first stop before heading to deep space.

Old version Orthos:

first Proxima ship animation test: Short Film | PROXIMA | Flyby test


nice one. But after looking on it for a while i believe to now what disturb’s me.
The position and size of the solar-panels. The size of each panel should be larger.
There position is to much “blocked” by the modules, in case that they should by facing to the sun independently from stations position.
Maybe place more technical platforms, containers etc. where they are now and take the solar panels to the opposite site of the ring module section.
…only some suggestions


Thanks for your feedback! although I do agree that the solar panels look small, I like the shape of the station in this configuration. And because it’s in the future, I’m thinking it isn’t as relient on solar energy, but still uses the panels for extra energy. As a whole, the station is meant to look more functional and closer to what we have now, but there would be technology that makes it not as relient on the solar energy. :slight_smile:
I designed it this way so that when in the story, when the far future becomes the story setting, the staions then (and ships) look a whole lot more advanced.

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Perhaps you could have the station use a compact nuclear reactor as an energy source and then make those panels be heat radiators instead.

Oo, I like the idea of a reactor on board. I like the texture of solar panels, so I don’t think I’ll change them to heat radiators unless they look similar, but I’m thinking of adding radiators on the station still

Cool :slight_smile:. Googling around, I found these bits about the orientation of both solar and radiator panels in the ISS. They could be of use.

When there is more power than needed, are satellite photovoltaics shunted or open circuit?

How are the orientations of the ISS’ eight independent solar arrays optimized?

Why do the ISS’ Thermal Rotary Radiators need to tilt?

Also, about their colours:
Why aren’t the ISS’s nor Space Shuttle’s radiators black?