Proxy disfunctions?

I have been playing around with proxies these last few weeks, and damn they’re handy!

At least, they were until I tried moving a file to my render ‘farm’ (are 2 computers a ‘farm’?). Naturally, the proxies need to be internalized into the file. I quickly realized that ‘packing’ did not include proxies. So I found the ‘make local’ function (‘L’ key). That’s when things got… well…

Localizing proxies seems to just… not work. Half the time, they are not really localized at all, and moving the file (or renaming any directory in the proxy’s path) will completely screw up the scene. The other half, the Proxy comes along, but anything parented to it (like the skin set on a rig) goes flying about!

Basically, to make proxies actually turn local, to include them in a mobile file, I have to do constantly changing rituals of un-parenting everything, localizing, then reparent everything and hope it ends up where it’s supposed to. Mostly, it doesn’t. So I need to move eyes back into their sockets on every single character, and icky stuff like that.

I know the Proxy system is brand new, but is it really supposed to be that troublesome, or am I just missing the ‘Perfect Proxy Transfer’ function somewhere? I am hoping the latter, because Proxies really do take Blender projects into a whole new world, one that I really, really want to play around in :smiley: