Proxy/Link --> Problem seeing colored Proxy rig over black Linked rig

Hi blenderartists community!

I’m trying to Link my rigged character into a blank animation scene for the first time, to be able to rework my source scene in the future and get updates in all my animation scenes.

The collection-linking process works, then I create a proxy of the rig selecting only the Armature (that works too). My problem is that when I’m in Pose mode with the Proxy only selected, The black linked-collection (and rig) overlaps over my colored Proxy-rig (the “Bone Groups” colors I initially chose in my source scene). I actually somehow see some of the colored controllers(bones), but not the others.

That’s when I show the linked-collection and the Proxy-armature:

Is there a way to hide all the rigging stuff in the black linked-collection and only keep the geometry shown, so that the colored Proxy-rig controllers are the only ones showing up?

I tried to make the Proxy “In front” of the Linked-collection, but it doesn’t work. And If I hide the linked-collection, I’m missing the geometry.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Where is this happening? on B 2.8x? or 2.9x? I tried your described method on 2.83 (import collection, make proxy override, bones display FRONT) and it lets me animate and see the colored rig controllers.

I also notice you have custom objects as rig controls. Q: Were they also inside the main collection as a collection or as separated objects? Nesting 2 levels of collection inside a rig is all I have ever tried on linked rigs, because deeper levels tend to cause trouble (at least in my experience).

Hi David,

Thank you for your feedback. I indeed have only 2 levels of Collection nesting (Main rig collection, and then custom objects controllers). I tried having only one Collection (custom controllers in the main collection), it still doesn’t work 100%, some controllers are still “behind” the Linked Collection.

In the end, I realised I will have to make custome shape keys in my animation shot on the geometry of the model itself, so I might just simply Append it instead of Link it, that will solve my problem :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

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