Proxy Permissions

I have no trouble appending/linking datablocks from external .blend files and turning them into proxies. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to set proxy permissions that would make some parts of proxy objects protected while allowing other aspects to be edited. This link takes me to the brief description of proxy objects in the User Manual, where it states:

“The important aspect of a Proxy Object is that it allows you to edit data locally, but also allows specific data to be kept protected. Data that’s defined as protected will always be restored from the Library (typically on file reading or undo/redo steps). This protection is defined in the referenced Library itself, which means that only the Library files can define what’s allowed to change locally.

Unfortunately, nowhere does it explain how to set the various permissions in the referenced library. Web searches and even inquiries in the #blendercoders and #blender channels on IRC have come up with nothing.

Does anyone have a clue how to do this?


Unfortunately I don’t have a solid answer. In fact I’d like to echo your concerns about the idiosyncrasies of Blender’s linking system.

William Reynish actually mentions that only specific attributes can be link-modified, while others can’t, in his presentation at BConf 2008; he clearly thinks that needs to change.

Personally I think every data block and its attributes should have a permission system similar to a unix-style OS. e.g. three columns, 3 chars in each specifying owner, group and others. But that’s just my idea.

Is there a specific problem that your having? I might know a workaround.

I’m feeling more and more convinced that no one really knows how this works.