Proxy Rig/Model Animation Workflow?

Hello Blender community,

I was wondering if anyone was familiar with a solid proxy rig/model workflow for animation? At this point I have a high res version of a model and a low res version of the same model. I was hoping there was a way to rig the low res version, to animate. Then when I go to finally render the scene to bake the animation into the high res model.

Is that something blender can do? Does anyone know/have resources/documentation on this type of workflow?

Thank you!!

Firstly, check out the Edit Linked Library addon. It makes switching from your master scene to the linked asset scene and back, much simpler. (I think it’s part of the standard install nowadays, just enable it under prefs->addons, controls are in the 3dview->relations tab)

For this situation, I would skin both models to your armature. You can put the high res and low res on different layers in your library file. Then to switch between your hi-res and lo-res proxy, you can just disable the group layers for whichever you’re not using, under Properties->Object->Groups->Dupli visibility.

Without ‘Edit linked library’ this might be a pain, but with it, it only takes a second to skip into your linked library, switch layers (or you could use H-key to hide, but that’s messier), and return to your original file.