Proxy twins

This is bugging me since ancient times.

How do I make identical linked proxies, but with different animation? Like for animating twin brothers, or a crowd of clones?

I have one file with the rigged mesh (rig.blend), everything that belongs together is in a collection called rig.
I have another file where I want to animate, I link the collection from rig.blend, make the Armature a proxy, works fine.
But when I copy the object, or link it in again, and make a new proxy of the Armature, the mesh always takes the movement from the first one, although I assigned a different animation to the new proxy.

How to solve this?

I worked around by making copies of the file rig.blend, but this can’t be it? Another solution I’ve seen are local copies, but I sometimes make changes to the armature, this should be updated in the animation file, so that doesn’t work for me.

I’m attaching two files, if someone wants to test. Put them both into one folder. There are two actions (move and rotate) setup in animation.blend, the rig comes from rig.blend, “Armature” is to be proxied.

animation.blend (814.7 KB)
rig.blend (794.4 KB)

In my scene… i have alt duplicate the linked armature… so it’s an instance of the linked one.
then in action editor… unlink the animation by pressing the 2 button… change the linked animation for the other one you need.
hope it helps

Thanks for trying! But it doesn’t work for me. It does put different animation on the armature, but not on the mesh. Could you display the meshes in your version? Do they have different animations?

Proxies are legacy, you should be using overrides. Proceed the same then instead of creating a proxy, create a library override (with the linked collection selected). It’s in the object menu or you can find it with F3. Then you can repeat this as many times as you need

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Hadriscus, that’s perfect, it works, including rig and mesh updates, thank you!

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