Ps Vita AR card tracking

So I recently started working with tracking in blender 2.69 and I was searching for trackers to record a video. Since I own a Ps Vita I remembered that it has so-called AR cards, or simply markers to track. Video
I did a test with 2 cards - one was in the light, the other- in the shadow. As you would expect, the one in the light showed promise(light-4/7,dark-2/7 markers left at the end of the video).However, the real question was - can I track with AR cards using only one marker all over the card?
The answer is-No! At least you cant do it easy-the markers get lost every 20 frames, so if you want to quickly track a scene with AR cards, just place small markers around the AR card - alot easier than placing the marker in place from time to time.
Anyway, I tracked the scene quite good, even if I didn’t adjust the tracking settings, but I ran in a problem - after I put Camera solver constraint I had to face “paranormal activity”-the camera started spinning around uncontrollably. I bet it’s a problem with settings, because I’m still pretty new to blender, maybe some nooby problem
.blend here