PS1 Emulators Mac

Does anyone know a playstation one emulator for the mac that works?

I think that PCSX is for Mac, but I never tried it, I am on WinXP :).

Flarestorm is the only one I know of, and it’s fairly old (2003) so who knows if it’ll even work for you.

Epsxe is the best PSX emulator out there, but is only available for Windows and Linux - so, you could in theory dual boot with windows or linux if you really wanted to use it.

Emulators and Illegal unless you own the Ps1 and every game your downloading…

And then they’re still illegal…

Unless the hardware specs have been legally released and you make your own games.

No. it’s legal if u legally own a PS1 and if u only use ur own games.

My PSX is broken for a long time, so I am glad that there is ePSXe 1.7.0, pSX1.13 emulators, so I can play all my games I bought (as I was younger) on my PC.

Game emulation is legal if you own the original game CD, cartridge or whatever.

I own a PS2, and have loads of games, and liked the idea of playing it on my PC. But the epsxe program just never worked, even after i downloaded the BIOS/Plug ins etc… How do you start the game on it? I insert the disc, and then?

ePSXe is for PS1 not gonna work for PS2. U need a seperate emu for PS2.

oh. Which one’s for PS2?

best for PS2 isPCSX2(you will need a good PC for it)

Actually game emulation is a gray area…
Strictly seen by law it is illegal, because to run an emulator you need a bootfile.
Even if you own the hardware making a copy of the bootfile is illegal already, unless you write your own bootfile, your own games, or use legal copies of the games its all illegal. Sure on one hand emulation is cool, on the other hand the question is, why do you want to emulate a game and a PSX for instance if you own both legally, unless you develop hombrew games or code emulators…

Well, actually, my PS2 is gettin’ old. I have had it fixed dozens of times, but it just doesn’t seem to play some DVDs sometimes. That’s why I wanted to try out an emulator.