PS2 blue disc trouble - any suggestions?

Hey, everybody. Merry Christmas, btw. Right now, my 6 maybe 7 year old ps2 is having major trouble reading the two new games I just bought, both of which have blue bottoms. I’m positive that it’s not the disc because I’ve done research, and from what I’ve gathered, my laser either needs to be recalibrated, or my clamper needs to be replaced (probably both lol). I took apart my ps2 a couple months back and cleaned my laser which helped because now all of my games play like new except the blue ones. Have any of you ever experienced this problem? If so, do you have any suggestions?

You must be kidding :smiley:

You’re trying to play playstation 3 games on your playstation 2. LOL.

in case that wasn’t a joke, some PS2 DVDs have blue backing. Don’t know why, they’re not BDs.

and to the OP, I would suggest you either a: replace your ps2, or b: send it in for repairs.

Lol, no BigBad, I didn’t mean blu-ray discs. That’s completely different. I meant, as dan_hin mentioned, discs with blue bottoms (backing whatever). And I’ll probably just end up getting a new slim ps2 rather than go through recalibrating my laser, replacing the clamper, etc. Thanks anyway, guys.

Yeah I know. Just joking with you :wink: