PS3 - Blender ( possible or not ? )

would a mouse, yellow dog and blender ( I know there isn’t one yet but perhaps blender would oblidge ) that runs on the yellow dog os mean you could use PS3 for blender, or i’m just dazed and confused

and If so would that cell processor been any good ( in theory with optimization )

yes, if you had a ps3 and a version of blender that worked on it, that would probably mean that you would be able to use blender on the ps3.

no idea about the cell, i dont really care about the ps3 at all anyways.

I’ve read that the PS3 will run any distro compiled for PPC-processors, so I guess you could use the Linux PPC-build of Blender.

There have been a few threads asking this very same question.

The consensus was almost always “yes”.

If a proper build of blender is to be made for the PS3 architecture, blender could run on the PS3.

Now, will blender be able to fully tap into the power of te CELL and the RSX, and therefore show incredible performance, is still left to be seen.

it doesn’t look like it will be possible (at least not without hacks)!

sorry, german only… but it says linux on the ps3 won’t allow access of the nvidia gpu. it only allows writing into the framebuffer but not using any kind of 2d or 3d acceleration. it seems like they want to prevent good looking ps3 linux games.

Check this website out. It has alot of info on the PS3 including how to boot Linux onto it. They got Fedora Core 5 on it using the Kboot from Sony’s website.