PS3 Blender

The news recently came out that the PS3 will feature a 60GB HDD and will run Linux. This is quite interesting to me, since it raises the possibility of running Blender on the PS3. The cell processor is theoretically ideal for jobs like rendering, if Blender can take advantage of its very parallel nature.

The PS3 also only has 256MB of memory, so you would probably need to swap to HDD, or find some way to upgrade the RAM.

But if it was possible to get Blender fully using the PS3’s resources, I think you would end up with the equivalent of a 2 or 3 thousand dollar (for rendering purposes) machine, for only $500.

I’d buy eight of them and stack them up as a render farm :slight_smile:

I just heard on the news today that SONY is postponing the PS3 until November, due to the Blue-Ray DVD encryption problems. So you’ll have to wait a while.

What processor are they using in the PS3?

Q. Gigabit Ethernet connectors are listed as In x 1 + Out x 2, what does it mean? Does it have router function and are they for WAN/LAN? Or do you use a special connection to connect multiple PS3s together?

A. It has no router function. It’s supposed to be a switching hub internally, but I don’t know about the meaning of In/Out frankly so will answer about it at the next opportunity. Of course you can connect PS3s together. After it’s on sale, some will make a supercomputer by connecting many PS3s. Apparently Sony Picture Entertainment is considering to use PS3 in a rendering farm for movies.

More PS3 Farming here…

Sounds interesting. Some playstations connected together as my private rendering farm.

They use an IBM cell processor, I think. Do not know much about it, but I’ve heard that it’s VERY FAST.

And I do not think, that there should be lot of problems with the ram, as the new rendering engine in the cvs is using buckets, which saves a lot of memory.

Amazing how history repeats it’self. :smiley:

The possibility is there, it just needs the know how. :wink:


ah would it realy make sense to have a cluster of PS3s?

i can see that the CELL ship is fast butthe emount of work you have to put into gettting linux and the rest running on the PS2 already questions me if it would make economical sense.


IBM Cells seriously rawk. Most of the tech magazines I’ve seen says cell processors have huge potential (rather than being confined in gaming consoles)

I would really like to see this happening it could mean being the cheapest rendering farm than most professional companies like Dreamworks and Pixar

Blender now does multi core up to 8

Here is my big question. Not will PS3 run linux that is proven on google video and looks well fast. Ok the ? how well does blender render without opengl on the PS3. I was up to 3 last night trying to get my new laptop running OpenSuse 10.2 with 3d Acceleration. Having problems compiling the kernel. But I did download and run blender without it and it was decent. Don’t know about render times but it worth checking out.