PS3? Cheap?

Just saw this on Google news. the Ps3 has been cut to $300, and their actually introducing a “slim” model starting at $200. I might actually be able to afford one, come September 1st, when they come out.:smiley:

I haven’t heard about a $200 slim. I thought they were only going to have a $300 model. I may end up getting one, my only “current gen” console is the Wii. I’ll be picking up a new PC first, but I hope to have enough funds to buy a PS3 sometime within the next year.

The only thing I am disappointed about is the lack of PS2 support. There are a few games that I never played but still want to try out. I could get a PS2, but I don’t know that it would be worth it for just a few games.

Cool, keep us updated, eh?