PS3 Controller = Blender fun

Hey all,
I’m sure alot of you are aware of this, but for those who don’t know the PS3 Sixaxis controller works really well with Blender’s game engine.
I made this video using the old driver (and a blender game I was working on at the time) , which didn’t support the motion sensing features of the PS3 controller and that was a bit buggy.

But even better now is the new version of the driver which does support some motion sensing as well, as seen in this video.

I haven’t tried the new driver with blender, but if its half as good as the old driver was and now has motion sensing, it will be awesome with blender!
here’s the link to the new driver.

P.S once the driver is installed, use joystick actuators to control characters etc in the game with the controller. As far as I have tested with the old driver, every button is accessible in blender through the actuators! even the PS button and analog sticks.:wink:

There is a new version of that driver :eek:

Sweet, I’m gonna have to play with that.

And, it is really fun to play with a PS3 controller in Blender :smiley:

I’m excited about this!


Well, this wasn’t the driver that I used, but I decided to give it a shot, and my blue tooth mouse stopped working :no:

Thankfully uninstalling the program brought back the mouse.

Too bad, it looked fun :frowning:

Sorry to hear that,
like i said i’ve only tested the old driver, but the old driver itself was pretty cool! i was just kinda amazed at how many functions of the ps3 controller you can utilize in BGE. also just out is the PS3 sixaxis DUALSHOCK controller, that would be even sweeter to use with a blender game!
…pity I can’t test the new driver while i’m on linux :confused:

If I recall correctly, it is pretty easy to get the ps3 controller going in Linux, even with bluetooth.

And I think it was the libusb driver that knocked out my bluetooth adapter. I re-installed the other driver that I used, and it did the same thing, except this time it took more work to bring back :frowning:

Now I have to figure out how I managed to install it the first time :confused: