PS3 or 360?

I was planning on getting a ps3 or a 360 but im not sure which one is better. 360s are cheaper but i don’t know how good the graphics are. Are they the same as the PS2 or better? And PS3s are more expensive but from the advertisements and what i have heard, they are better in graphics. Which one shoul i get?:spin:

If graphics are important, buy a new PC

Depends on what you want to do. I personally like PS3’s better. But I think the 360 has a bigger variety of games, but the PS3 has a lot as well. I like the PS3 controller a lot better than the 360’s too. It is all personally preference, if you like the style of the PSP then you will love the PS3’s. I think the PS3 has a bit more features and is more reliable and they are making a lot of sweet things for it. Up to you though.

PS3 is coming out with a whole line up of new games. 360 is going to be dead in a few years, but PS3 has the hardware to play games for many years. I’d go for PS3. My cousin has 360 and PS3, and he prefers PS3 way more.

About a month ago I had the same dilemma but I ended up choosing the PS3. Here’s why:

  1. The PS3 includes a blu-ray drive. Blu-ray players alone are worth from 250 dollars to as much as 400 dollars. If you plan on upgrading for the next major medium in the future anyway, why not get a blu-ray player that also plays games?

  2. PSN is free. XBL is not.

  3. Home. Home is a huge virtual world coming to the PSN where you can meet other PS3 gamers, and play games or watch movies in a virtual theatre (and MUCH more). It’s the biggest advantage PSN has over XBL, although considering sales, more of your friends will probably be on the XBL.

  4. The wireless controllers in the PS3 charge through a USB cord connected to the PS3. The Xbox360’s controllers include a battery pack that takes AA batteries. You have to purchase rechargable battery packs separately.

  5. The cables and components of the PS3 are easily accessable and interchangable. The power cord is the same one you use on your computer. You can use PS2 composite/component cables. The hard drive is a 2.5 in. SATA drive and easy to upgrade. Much better than the proprietary hard drives the 360 uses.

  6. The PS3 has not yet reached its full potential. Developers are bearly scratching the surface of what the system is capable of. I’m not talking about graphical power but raw processing power. In terms of graphical power the Xbox360 and PS3 are about the same, with the 360 having a slight edge. The difference isnt really much though, and its only noticable in a few games like Assasin’s Creed, most of the games look about the same on both systems without noticable differences.

  7. The PS3 has wifi by default. You have to buy an add on for the 360, but I think the elite model includes it, not sure on that one though.

  8. Sixaxis. This enables the PS3 controller to sense motion. The Xbox360 controller does not have motion sensing features. I did read an article a few weeks ago that said there would be an add on for the 360 that allows it to do this, but I dont know when this is going to be released.

The Xbox360 has the advantage of a bigger selection to choose from and offers some awesome games like Gears of War, Halo 3, Project Gotham Racing, and many others, but I think it has reached its potential. The PS3 games are getting technicly better and better every year, and offers its own set of exclusives, but all the other reasons were enough to convince me to choose the PS3.

Anyway, that was my experience, and you may want to choose differently according to what’s important to you, but I think the best advice is to go out and try some of the best games from both systems and see which you like best.

Good luck = )

Let me put it this way: would you trust your gaming to the makers of Zune? :smiley:

I am probably the only person here who likes the 360 better and it is only because I am a huge RPG fan. Games like Tales of Vesperia, Fable 2, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, Infinite Undiscovery and the upcoming Star Ocean 4 are what I buy a console for and now Final Fantasy will be on both systems. :yes:

Unless I am missing something the best new PS3 exclusives are Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet, but I am not a huge fan of first person shooters or games about rag dolls so it looks like the PS3 will not produce what I would consider a system selling title in time for Christmas.

I am still considering buying a PS3 for Blu-Ray but I really don’t know if I would use it for games very often. I might try Valkyria Chronicles but I can’t think of any other exclusives I want to play yet…the console has a lot of potential, I hope it lives up to it eventually.

Are you forgetting GTA!?!

lol, and SKATE? and the GodFather!?!

I was only comparing the selection of exclusive games. There are a lot of great cross platform games out there like gta, skate and the godfather but they are hardly a reason to buy a specific console when they can be played on both.

But seriously Valkyria Chronicles and now that I think about it Folklore are probably the only 2 exclusive titles that I would buy for the PS3. I hope more come soon, heck I would have probably bought a PS3 instantly if Persona 4 was coming to it instead of the PS2.

The funny thing is that everyone I know who actually owns a Zune loves it, even those who previously owned ipods. Same with Vista - friends who previously trashed it now use it and have changed their minds. I’m giving Vista 64 a chance (been about a month) and it’s working just fine, not a single problem yet. As much as I don’t like Microsoft, I can’t say that complaining about everything they do is really fair.

Would you trust your gaming to the makers of CD’s that discreetly install rootkits as part of their DRM?

Lol, dude, if I were you, I wouldn’t put together “DRM” and “Vista” in the same post. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Can the PS3 play PS2 games like the PS2 can play PS1 games?

I just listen to and completely avoid the problem altogether

Nope. Unless you manage to get the older 60gb version, your PS3 will only be backwards compatible with PS1 games. oh well - I sold all my ps2 games to be able to afford a ps3 anyway!

I bought my 60GB PS3 originally just to watch Blu-ray, but now play some games on it too. PixelJunk Monsters is a lot of fun.

I’d go PS3.

The PS3 is the most expensive but for £300 you get a lot for your money. XBox360 is cheaper, however it has a running cost. Especially if you want to play online.

Are the graphics better…the graphics are exponentally better. However, I would advise getting a Wii. The graphics are still better than a PS2, not by much though, and you won’t find better rated games. We’re even getting a 360/PS3 style FPS, called ‘The Conduit’ that looks like it is really pushing the systems capabilities graphics wise. There’s realtime water, normal mapping, the works.

Also, in the spring Nintendo is releasing a ‘MotionPlus’ accessory. It will be required for some games like ‘Wii Sports: Resort’ and you’ll be able to control every movement of a sword. Just wait until a Star Wars game will utilize this technology.

I suggest if you want to look more into the games each system has, head on over to

I think i will go for the PS3. But now i need to decide if im going to get an 40GB, 60GB, or an 80GB.

I have the 40gb…I dont know why there is different gigabytes…well unless you download TONS of games…But since i cant i dont need a bigger one…
360’s die like for real in like 4months and if you play online you need to buy an extra fan to keep it from over heating…

For the ps3 the first game id buy would be Uncharted Drakes Fortune or GTA4…Probably the best games iv played for the PS3(i dont have many games though)

And for sports game.Besides like racing…Id get SKATE…My fav game! Beat it like 3 times

You don’t need to have an extra fan, I have run mine for hours at a time without a single problem and it doesn’t get hot at all.