PS3 to run Linux.

Someone should port blender to PS3 if it runs yellow dog linux, one that takes advantage of those 7 processing cores. Can we say insanely fast rendering.

Somebody should write WINE for the PS3. Then we could have games like HL2 and stuff on it.

that would be kinda dumb… people were just able to re write the format of the games

for the xbox a lot of games were made… so why not for the ps3…

So while the pc gaming industry is slowly dying at the onslaught of consoles, consoles are slowly turning into pc’s.

The gaming industry is full of ironies.

You can’t. The ps3 doesn’t use an x86 processor.

Yea, it will run yellow dog linux.

However, someone brought up a good point about this in a similar thread, that the PS3 will in all likelihood be a “super DRM computer”, rather than just a regular linux distro running on the hardware. In which case it would really suck, unless we are provided with an option to install whichever distro/OS we would want (Like one of the Ubuntu versions, or Linspire).

Also, the cell architecture is rather new, which brings into question weather or not any OS running on the PS3 will be able to use the hardware to it’s full potential.

The only way that I would ever buy a PS3 would be if they provided a “blank slate” situation. It should be shipped with yellow dog, but there should also be an option to uninstall it, and put on a distro of your choice.

I was reading that you can do what ever you want with it. You will be able to put any distro on to Linux as long as that distro is compiled to run under the PS3 architecture.

Correct, though I think HL2 will be ported to the PS3. It’s definitely coming for the XBox360 and that’s PPC too. I think Wine would have to get a lot better in order to be useful on a PS3 anyway. I’ve run Crossover on a decent graphics card and it crashes if the settings are too high even though the card can handle it.

Wow thanks, this hasn’t been posted here before.

The only way that something like WINE would be useful on the ps3 is if there was a program written for a specific operating system (which ran on the ps3), which you wanted to run in a different operating system (also on the ps3).

Lots of good info here:

There are already plans for a Half-life2/ep1/ep2 pack for the 360 and ps3.

WINE wasnt designed to run games but more primerily applications. You would using something like Cedega for games.

But as the PS3 is a games console its most likely these PC games will come out for it sooner or later.

Cedega wouldn’t work out of the box either. What we need is an assembly-built emulator that dynamically translates X86 instructions to Cell. Hopefully someone will do that and integrate it into Wine or Cedega.

However, if such a project ran WELL (and someone found a way to properly utilize the SPU’s to perform the graphics API translation) it could possibly cut into Sony’s profits, so who knows what may happen in a year.

Of course, all that would be moot if there’s no hardware mesa/opengl on the PS3.
From the looks of it you can install whatever OS you want on the PS3 :):slight_smile:

I’ve just downloaded a PDF on how to optimize a compiler for the CELL.

It was on accident, but it shows that you can get GCC to be optimized for the CELL, which in turn, may be able to have a special PS3 version of GCC.

So, someone compile blender to run on the ps3 version of linux. Then i’ll definately buy it. An insanely powerful and cheap linux computer capable of using usb keyboards and mice, wifi and with a 60 gb hard drive and a blu-ray player subsidized roughly 300 dollars by sony… who wouldn’t want to get it?

according to several articles, linux on the ps3 won’t have access to the nvidia gpu because sony doesn’t want to allow homebrew games that look good! there will only be framebuffer support. no opengl!

$600 for a 256mb linux box without opengl isn’t cheap! :slight_smile:

How about you post a link to some of these “articles”?

Not to sound dismissive, but there are far too many fanboyz around who would spout a whole lot of false information just to put a rival console down.

Got any proof to back your claims?

i am not a fanboy of the competition who spreads false information in order to dis the ps3 or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

i would love to have an uncrippled linux on the ps3 but unfortunately it doesn’t look like accelerated opengl will happen at least not officially. maybe there will be some hack but you can have hacks on other consoles too.

my internet connection doesn’t seem to work properly at the moment but i am sure you will find them yourself. :slight_smile: look for “fedora core on ps3” or something like that on google.


this is one of the few sites i was able to reach at the moment but you can read it everywhere actually… and this isn’t a limitation of the linux distribution…


would blender be able to run well just using the cell and not the gpu? I know I have intel integrated graphics and blender runs fine.

theoretically it would be possible to write an opengl driver for the cell (but this would be a lot of work) and i read performance could be comparable to a geforce3/4.