ps3 to ship only 500,000 units at launch. Launch delayed in Europe.

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Seems that sony will be shipping only 400,000 units for the U.S and only 100,000 for Japan. How to they expect to win with these tiny numbers and the launch delayed until march in Europe?

if you wanted a ps3 this holiday, you’ll probably have a hard time finding one!

Wii FTW!:slight_smile:

You still happy for the Wii aren’t you, I heard that the Wii’s going to be region locked, look it up.

I don’t think we’ll be getting a PS3, that thing is way expensive, if we get a consol it could be an Xbox 360, though I don’t really play the PS2 anymore unless something real interesting comes out.

Icoxo - you should check out “Okami” that just came out for the PS2. One of the most beautiful and amazing games I have seen in a very long time for ANY system. the graphic style is just AMAZING!

make sure you watch all the way through

I also pick wii ftw. I’m so confident about its success that I ordered several to sell on ebay! I mean, it really does look revolutionary. and they are targeting a market that has never really gamed before like girls and older people. plus the virtual console, etc… really looks awesome. I can tell you right now I had to buy my girlfriend a DS because she kept stealing mine to play tetris and magnetica. I’ve heard this is a common phenomenon

Play “Shadow Heart: Covenant”.
That’s TWO DVD-ROM discs of a unique RPG adventure. Do not expect a FF-clone!
Allright, I admit. Their style of humour is one you need to be able to appreciate… but I do :smiley:
I’m 25 hrs into the game and I’ve just started the second half of the game…
And I’m not even bothering looking for all secrets and completing all challenges.

The Playstation console franchise is dead, and you can quote me on that.

Too expensive + too far behind = Death.

If they are smart, they will cut their losses, and concentrate on the hand held market. The PSP is the only thing that keeps them floating anyway.

I was on the fence about shadow hearts but you say it’s good? I might pick it up.

but oh man I’ve got too too many games to play these days - I never beat Tales of Symphonia for the cube, I got disgaia 2 recently, kingdom hearts 2, dragon quest 8, Shin Megami Tensei (awesome style in that too), dark cloud 2, ARGH! RPGS take too long!!! how can I ever keep up that addiction and keep blending? impossible. I basically stopped playing long games once I picked up blender, another reason the wii is going to be perfect for me…

EDIT: Social: and the DS is absolutely destroying the PSP in terms of numbers sold through. goodbye sony!

Hey, I’m goign to quote you, social, in my sig, so I can remember what you said, and see if we are right.

Wii will rock you! (pun intended) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Queen had the right idea. :cool:

Well see how the PS3 will do honestly i dont feel like playing more mario and strange japanese games that make little sense(i know im exgerating on that), but still im going the PS3. Even though itll probly be a while considering the amount available and the demand for it. It still has all the games im looking foward to, AC, FF# series, warhawk looked nice too. And the 360, its a rushed console, its failure rate shows that, and dont want to buy it just for Halo(again lol)

What faliure rate? Got any evidence of this ‘faliure rate’?

Look around. The 360 is selling steady, XBL is the best online service to ever grace any console in history, and it’s attracting a steady flow of developers who constantly increase the game pool.

The PS3 was delayed several times, it’s too late and really offers no more performance than the 360.

Unless you specifically want the ability to run linux on a game console, and have Blu-ray, the PS3 is really not worth the extra $300.

at least a couple games ive seen lock up everytime, and not much backwards compatitility, plus im not after the console im after the games that are on it the point of the console anyway

consoles? pffft, its computer gaming FTW.

at least a couple games ive seen lock up everytime, and not much backwards compatitility,
Games lock up on every game console. (PC included.) XBOX 360 supports of more than 300 original XBOX games, so it is pretty good as far as backward compatibility goes. (Not as good as the PS2 was, but they’re still adding support for old XBOX games.) Also, almost 6 million XBOX 360s have been sold in less than a year. IMO, those are pretty good sales. (Number of 360 consoles sold taken from here.)

I agree. of course, only if you can afford the rig for most games… I just got Company of Heroes (WWII real-time strategy game) and it’s taking up most of my time. So is the Painkiller collection, the physics in that game are sweet. not to mention that computer games have been “next gen” and “HD” for over five years before this latest trend, and the pc is STILL more powerful than any console. they are not even releasing the new Far Cry for ps3 or 360…PC only.

like I think I said before, I also just got Okami for the PS2. Who needs a PS3? the graphics are ridiculous!

I’m interested of seeing how ps3 will sell, as Sony has stated, that it’s not only a console, but a cumputer as well. Personally I won’t be buying it, nor any other new console as I’m not a gamer in the same way I was 5 years ago.
PC is enough for me.

I like PC gaming, at least I already have a PC and a < 100 dollar graphics card is enough to run most games well.

I’m not interested in any new games. None of them seem original enough to hold my attention.

I’ll be getting a ps3 once they’ve been out for a few months and the shops can re-stock with stable versions.

The specificatoin of the PS3, is over powering! And it just looks so nice, and it will run Linux, and you’ll be able to put your own choice of distro on(K/ubuntu on the ps3…) . :smiley:

Yeah, a super-DRM computer. I’ll believe the “oooh look you can do whatever you want with the ps3 and linux” hype when I see it. Sony has a really bad track record for locking down their products with DRM (minidisc, sonybmg, psp firmware “updates”, etc.). Personally, I doubt the ps3 will be any different.