PS3 VS. Xbox 360

I think the XBOX 360 is the best “next-gen” console, overall. I’m not sure whether it’ll beat out the PS3 in terms of console sales, though.

One potential problem for PS3 sales is the fact that Sony included a Blu-Ray player in the console. If Blu-Ray does not become the HD format of choice, the player will be an essentially useless piece of junk that adds significantly to the consoles price, and provides no benefit. Also, the New York Times has published 2 articles saying that there is no reason to get a PS3, which also could pose problems for PS3 sales. Finally, the XBOX 360 is pretty much the only console available this holiday season (unless you’re shopping on ebay), which could cause a positive impact on 360 sales.

I think Sony and Microsoft will slug it out for the number 1 spot, but right now, I think Microsoft is in a lot better position than Sony.

Sony has squaresoft.
End of debate.

Maybe Sony has games published by square enix, but that alone won’t cut it. I agree Final Fantasy is a great series, but xbox has it’s own great series and the trend is that playstation-exclusive titles tend to move to xbox as well. After all, you buy a console for the games it offers. Nintendo’s consoles have always had a kiddie-name, but I see that changing (besides, Resi 4 wasn’t exactly a kiddie game) and with Sony losing it’s exclusives (can’t name any, but several ps-exclusives are now also available for xbox) it’s going to be a battle between xbox360 and wii. Nintendo hasn’t lost it, it seems.

I’m of the school of thought that says:

I really think that game could be the new Wipeout.

I have the 360 - I love it - play it everyday. But I had to buy a second one when microsoft refused to fix the refurbished unit they sent me to replace the original 360 I had which died.

They claimed I’d tampered with it. I say the M$ technician who refurbished it didn’t put the warranty seal back on it correctly. So… love the system - hate the service.

In fact I’m starting a website to let everyone know - and I’m soliciting M$ customer service horror stories to post.

(In case you’re wondering I bought the second one because I had already purchased 4 wireless controllers, and 11 games which I didn’t want to take a hit on ebaying them).


I’m going to say the Wii will come out on top, and the PS3 & Xbox will battle for second.

But if its only PS3 vs XBox then I’m going to say PS3, I will be buying one cause its just a multitasking power house that will suite my computer & gaming needs nicely. :slight_smile:

kit89: as far as im aware, the sony cell chip is equilvant to about an 800+MHz desktop machine, and the SPE’s arent any use if the code isnt optimized for it. plus 256MB of ram for system, not sure if it can use the video ram though. but running linux and say blender and whatever security software the PS3 runs in the background your looking at a large shortage of memory. but i could be wrong…only one way to find out, PS3 render farm any one? :stuck_out_tongue:

well, I got one thing to say here: xbox live!

It makes the gaming with friends very fun and easy, plus you can download trailers, demos, games and more from there.
and you can chat with your friends and make new ones and do tons of other stuff…

from what I know its superior compared to the other consoles network systems :stuck_out_tongue:

as for graphics, I say x360 is all I need for that part (Gears of war is so pretty :open_mouth: ) controller fits my hands like a dream and I like the x360 game selection also…

so x360 FTW!

Well, I’d definitely have to say that the Wii has it won here(bias opinion though, I got a Wii.) I absolutely love the thing though, I can’t put it down! Excite truck is SO much fun! Anyway…I’d also say that XBOX 360 has a brilliant marketing strategy by putting out their system about a year early. They predicted that all of the other consoles would be out of stock and knew that everyone would turn to them for the holidays.

About the PS3…more like the Piss3. I personally hate it. The controllers are cheap, the system is the most expensive piece of crap available, and personally, their commercials are just plain creepy. This would probably be why I saw a GIGANTIC stack of them at Best Buy today(no kidding, they had a bunch) and the salespeople there had to start bugging people to buy them. They just aren’t selling as well as the :DWii:D.

Anyway, the Wii does have a lot of unoriginal titles and Disney Ripoffs(I can agree there), but the original ones are great(like Elebits, Excite Truck, Red Steel etc.) Also, the Legend of Zelda games are amazing. They never get old :D. And the Twilight Princess is the best one yet! Took me 40 hours and 47 minutes to beat…I have no life:(

I would definitely put it this way:

Wii>>>>>>>>>>Xbox 360>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PS3


two things-
The ps3 is exspensive, most of the people who plan to get one plan to wait until the price goes down because they cant afford it yet, and besides by the time the price has gone down there would be lots of good games to play. and when these games do come out ps3 owners will be like “dude ive been playing KH3 and ffXIII for the past 5 days!” and the wii owners will be like “I was playing ant bully and snoopy vs the red baron!”
and sales amount doesnt equal qualtiy, [95% of operating systems sold a year of windows if your willing to say that makes windows the best then your a complete idiot.

Hahahaha…no…there will be plenty of good titles coming out for the Wii AKA Super Smash Bros Brawl etc. Also, the Wii completely redid gameplay while the PS3 just made the graphics better. The Wii is much better in my opinion. But thats all that it is…opinion.


because they cant afford it yet

Exactly my point, a huge flaw in the PS3 Marketing system. Also, the quality of the Wii is awesome. The PS3…not so well built. On IGN(or something) somebody dropped their controller from about 2 feet high and it broke…the Wii remotes have been thrown through tv’s and walls and still work! Much better quality(sorry if I sound ignorant…I put it in my previous post that I do have a Bias opinion :p)


Also, I forgot another thing. More games will be released for the XBOX 360 and Wii because of the pricing for the developer’s kits. The PS3 kit is WAY too expensive, so more companies will be switching over to Wii :smiley: and XBOX 360…


Wait. 2 feet. That’s about 60 cm, right?
I see the PS3’s not for me. At least once a month I drop my controller from a height about as great as that. :stuck_out_tongue:

what you said is reaaaaaaalllllyyyy wrong. well first blue ray is starting really well… I haven’t seen any HD DVD but you can already buy BD’s in some shops, and others are advertising. and if it doesn’t work, it is not totally useless… it is 50 gigs of storage and don’t say that they will never use that because resistance fall of men takes already 20

and please everyone don’t say anything about the PS3 price compare to the Xbox because you end up paying more with all the things you have to add on the xbox and also the online cost.

The PS3 is going to be extreamly good in a year or so… I am waiting for the new eyetoy… I am expecting a lot from it.

funny debate hehehe
but still my computer beats them all :stuck_out_tongue: (plus it’s Blender inside)

Haha…good point…PC Pwns all systems :smiley:


probably not…

I bet that you don’t have a bd player…

and probably don’t have a graphic card as the one in the PS3

The WII!!!

Why? It was the only console in YEARS to bring me back to console-games!
Didnt buy the PS2 when it came out…didnt buy the Xbox…Didn’t buy the Xbox 360 either…as I’ve seen the graphics before (on my PC!) been there…done that…etc…nothing new.

But the first time I tried the Wii in the shops…BANG! Sold! (Well…err…not…Cause i had to wait some weeks until they got it back in stock…sold out the very same day I bought it too )

Don’t regret it though. The gameplay is HILAROUS …I’m smacking my way with rayman and the funny bunnies, adventuring with Link & Zelda…and nearly killing my remotecontrols in the process…sweating like a PIG… All good though… Getting excersize while playing videogames? My dreams DO come true.

Sony have already lost in Europe because they’ve made it quite clear they don’t give a flying fook about European gamers. Also if the PS3 online experience is remotely like the mess has become then Xbox Live already walks all over it. Additionally 360 provides the cheapest high definition media experience around, as the HD-DVD add on is amazingly cheap and the Video Marketplace will let you rent/buy movies and shows and download them direct to the console. Wii will probably come in second as it looks like a fun little system and isn’t too pricy.