PS4 controller

Hey everyone,
Can you somehow play your game with a ps4 controller?
Kind Thanks

Does it have anything to do with joysticks?
I tried to program it with the logic editor, but it didn’t work.

The Joystick sensor should work. Can you do 3 things to help us have a better idea on how to help you.

  1. Post a screen-shot of your logic-brick set-up.
  2. State which Blender version your using.
  3. Is your joystick wireless/blue-tooth/wired (This is not as important, but sometimes Windows is weird with detecting joysticks)

well, ps4 and windows has always been a thing, so that’s why there are emulators. If nothing helps go look into it.

I think this screenshot will help
I am using blender v 2.79 and a wired controler

Thanks, I will look into it.

This is not going to work for a joystick indeed, you are using keyboard sensors, change it to joystick sensors.

Thanks Cotaks, it working now.

There’s a PS4 Controller script on Blendswap, if that helps.