PS4 Dualshock 4 feedback needed

This is just a slapdash work. I need strong main light and lighter floor. Or this looks good enough?


that looks nice,
iv never sow a PS$ before in real life so i cant say if the surface looks like that or not, but the materials looks amazing
the ground on the other hand is a little but to rough for a wood floor, , even though its not the main focuse !!!

Thanks, alf0. What do you mean by roughness? The glossiness or the surface being rough (bump)?

I did some changes:

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the glossiness,
yes this looks amazing now
i really like the finger prints on the left side !! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your prompt feedback, alf0. I really appreciate it.

I will now consider this thing done. :slight_smile:

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your welcome
i am not a pro on this,
so i might suggest to see others feedback

No worries. It doesn’t look like this will be getting too much feedback anyway. :slight_smile:

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I Love it! It’s very accurate, although I know it’s not plugged in, maybe add the blue led light that emits when the ps4 is on.

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Thank you!

I dind’t make the blue light cz for the reason of it being not powered on. Won’t it look odd? I will try it though in my free time.

Here with lights on

The power cord was a nice touch; Awesome job! I might have to try and model a ps4 now lol.

You not gonna like this idea but you must do to make it realistic.
This is not brand new right? You need a little dust and fingerprints or it’s remainings on it. That makes it more detailed and realistic.
Lights are good. Only the blue light of the controller seems not right. 10/9.8 :smiley:
But I’m not an expert so you do what you want of course.

Thanks for the critique!

I added the fingerprints on the glossy part of the PS4. Check the one in the finished project.

can you explain the controller light? What’s off about it? Intensity or the color?

As I said, I’m not really capable to explain what’s wrong but it looks like unnatural. The final version looks verry good!

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looks like you’ve accomplished your task.

Yes! Thank you.