Ps4 Early model update

(George R.) #1

I have been very busy and had only a couple of hours to model, I think corners look better now, still a lot of work to do.

(George R.) #2

I remade the corners.

(yakuzakazuya) #3

Nice! How about doing a white version? Could be more interesting because we would see more details.

(George R.) #4

Hi friend, sorry I had no time to post earlier, This is the white version, but is based on a previous version , right now I am having issues texturing noise over my model, I hope to solve it tomorrow, meanwhile I hope not to dissapoint You.

By the way, do You have any clue why my images appear with a white background even when my file is transparent background PNG?.

(yakuzakazuya) #5

Thanks! I like it white, looks sweet.

I’m not really sure about PNG transparency but maybe some browsers assign a default background color, sometimes white or black.

(George R.) #6

Thank You very much for your help, I wll post updates soon.

(George R.) #7

Hi!, this is my latest model, I remade texture, corners and engraved the top logo. Any advice is welcome.

(George R.) #9

PS4 pro, some details added.