PS4 What do you think?

I was actually blown away by some of the demonstrations! Using PS move to sculpt was pretty impressive :smiley:

Also some of the graphics on display were breathtaking!!

Didn’t have the time or patience to watch the conference (never do!)

DEEP DOWN looks too good to be live gameplay.
I will keep my eye on WATCH DOGS. Looks good.

edit: I like the new control sticks, those were in need of a upgrade from the “Fumble Sticks” of past PS consoles.

I was watching the conference in 240P with a slow conection and I was blown away. I REALLY want infamous and watch dogs :eek:

OMG!!! It looks amazing! I’m amazed at all the features that they are putting into it. Like letting a friend jump thru the internet to your console to help you play a difficult level.

^^ Yes that feature is a pretty cool one! They are basically trying to build a gaming social network…which is nice!