PS5 waste of money

I spent $749 on the PS5 standard edition thinking it was better than ps4 pro i was wrong everytime i install demons souls and play for about 15mins i get this

also the same when i played Assassin creed Valhalla, that is not all my Paypal account does not work with PS5 only on PC, i went to try to purchase 6600 Helix credits, for Assassin creed Valhalla, no go, i feel like using a sledge hammer on PS5.

:japanese_ogre: well-come to beg-in, it ain’t the ps5 per se, it’s ecosystem that which is known as hell
enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

I’ll wait for revision 2 if I buy anything. Millions of units sold and thousands units will have bugs.

Remember when the game would just pop up when you first put the cartridge or CD in?

Everything related to console gaming continues to get more and more complex. To play your first game now you have to create a console account, set up wifi, download the game, install the game to the hard-drive, then download the patches, and then create an account within the game before you can actually play. The more steps you add the more likely you will see a bug that prevents you from playing.

Even PC gaming via Steam can be simpler (ie. create an account, buy your game, play). Is it too hard to bring back the plug’n’play experience to modern consoles (as opposed to the ‘retro’ console toys that come with a handful of classic games).


I’d buy a playstation 5 if i could wipe them install linux on them and Blender, and then link multiple consoles together in racks with some kind of ultra fast fiber channel or something, so i can have my own little supercomputer networked renderfarm.


At the end of the day, if i was into gaming, i would build a nice little compact but powerful PC, ryzen 5000 based and run as many emulators on it as possible and have thousands of roms going right back to the 80s retro games.

P.C. Master Race


Yes!! Me too!! A MILLION likes for this!

Is it possible to install Linux (and Blender) on a PS5? Has somebody cracked it??

Consoles are crippled PCs now

those good old Amiga times …

@Thesonofhendrix I got in touch with Sony, and got a message back from play station, thank you for getting in touch with one of our team member, will get back to you shortly, and i am still waiting, and how are they going to fix the problem?

Sounds like your storage may be the issue and for some reason you have a corrupted filesystem. Perhaps a factory reset can solve your issue. At least on PS4 that’s called Initialization and is the last entry in the settings menu.

Can’t confirm this on PS5 since I’ll be holding off on that until they come out with a smaller, more attractive looking one. :slight_smile:

I did the reset, and when i installed Demons Souls, Assassin Creed Valhalla, spiderman, i still got a corrupted message, eject disk deleate then reinstall, i also did that with Valhalla, then i play a little bit then i get corrupted message, another thing i got to purchase 6600 Helix credits i succesfully used my debit card, Paypal just does not work still.

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good old days

Consoles are crippled PCs now

Demon’s souls should be available on PC, there’s no reasons not so except making Sony money. Game Exclusivities is an evil practice.

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Why are consoles always so expensive? It’s like almost the cost of buying an entire second computer, but just for games. Why can’t game console companies just make PCs with hardware that is good for computer stuff AND gaming, but with big screens & bluetooth controllers & keyboards? On second thought, that would probably be more expensive…

Well if it happens with more games than just Demon Souls and a full initialization doesn’t fix it then it’s most likely the storage itself that is defective in some way. Either track a compatible drive down for a test or send the console back for warranty exchange/repair.

You can side load apps to xbox series x to play emulated games. It could in theory be a blender render node that way.

I did a factory reset, no change, also i try plying PS4 Farcry 5 in didnt have any problem with that game on PS4 Pro, so i thought, to see how that game runs on PS5 o it run with 3 problems, so no i got to go back to Eb games show all the photos of all problems on my phone.

@thomas_p So i rang Sony direct, i was helped, Sony did a new system update for disk, ans she will send me a email, so if it continue with problem, the information email sent will be a system reboot, then if that dont work a PS5 replacement

Well Sony did something, because the game Assassin Creed with no corruption so far, i will see if i can get through the whole game now.