PS5 waste of money

Yeah, I agree with you Bowling900. I’m currently playing Assasin Creed Valhalla.

How many corrupted data have you had today, well i had 3, i cant be bothered anymore, so why is Sony braging about how great the PS5, and sell PS5 with problems. i even try Rebuild data base, and still 3 problems, i think its harddrive, i wonder if Playstation should stuck with original Hardrives.

Sure sucks to receive a broken unit but I haven’t heard anything that would suggest that its a widespread problem.

Have you tried to get inside the unit and check if the drive is correctly seated (it’s user-replaceable)? Some SSDs are a little moody if the connectors are not all aligned properly.

Considering that all the PS5 games get heavily compressed thus there is a higer chance of memory corruption, I suspect that sony will have to recall the units and release a improved version with their custom SSD 2.0 featuring ECC(error correcting code) to minimize/avoid corruption.

yes EB games is going to swap my faulty on with a new one.

Well if you like to know EB games are going to replace my faulty PS5 standard, with a new PS5 standard

That’s great! But its also different from what I was saying. Hopefully it is all it takes and the issue isn’t more deeply rooted though.

I do not know about the exact wording “waste of money”, but so far there is no particular reason to urgently buy if you have the previous generation. Unless, I really want to play CP 2077, which does not work perfectly on PS5)