PSA for those on budget looking to get a new gpu

Consider the EVGA RTX 2060 KO, since it’s actually using the same die as the 2080’s apparently:

Performs like a 2060 in games, but for compute tasks such as blender…

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It’s quite interesting, thanks for sharing. I was considering to upgrade my graphics card and this got my attention. But in the amazon product questions page, Evga Support answered like this:

There are no official specs as to what any particular unit will have on these cards. I would expect that this product will have the original tu106 GPU die.

Though the support guy didn’t speak certain but I’m not sure if Gamers Nexus guys were just lucky to have that TU104 die randomly.

There is also another evidence I found that 2060 KOs have TU104:

Well, when GN asked EVGA they did indicate that the KO’s specifically should have this chip, so I guess time will tell which it is.

If you are willing to deal with it, you can probably send the card back within like 2 weeks after receiving it I guess, use GPU-Z to check which it is.

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Looking more closely the linked product page is for all the different 2060’s from EVGA so the customer support reply makes sense even if GN’s info is correct.

I asked on Amazon Evga support and e-mailed Jacob Freeman yesterday and asked for a confirmation about this and both sources gave exact response:

The only thing I can positively confirm is that it is a GeForce RTX 2060 GPU, and that the products in the review are representative of the product that you will receive when purchasing.

I’m not sure why they talk vague about this or is this simply a confirmation? I’m not sure :thinking:

Email Proofs


Sorry for late reply, only noticed this now. Yes, it is a 2060 since nvidia decided that it is. But the die is still the same as the 2080’s, it’s just artificially cut down to be a 2060 via certain parts being lasered off.

But there are elements of the 2080 chip design that make the KO with the cut down 2080 chip better than the original 2060 - in non gaming uses. But it’s all a bit of a moot point now that there are newer generations of GPUs out.

Unless you happen to go for a used one and are comparing a non KO 2060 to a KO…

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